Jassi and Nandu back on the airwaves, turn RJs in new avatar

Jassi and Nandu back on the airwaves, turn RJs in new avatar

Author | Indrani Sinha | Thursday, Sep 21,2006 9:26 AM

Jassi and Nandu back on the airwaves, turn RJs in new avatar

The popular pair of the hit serial ‘Jassi Jaise Koi Nahin’ – Jassi and Nandu – are back. But this time they have a very different role to play. The duo will host a breakfast show on Big 92.7 FM, which will be aired from Delhi and Mumbai.

Big 92.7 FM has taken the celebrity route and will have several celebs to host their key shows. Said Manav Dhanda, National Head, Programming and Regional Head, West, Big 92.7 FM, “Radio hasn’t got any consistent celebrities. We want to give credible, aspirational and relevance not just to the show but to the medium by and large, and celebs tend to bring on the same aspect. The celebs have been chosen from the respective cities to gel and genuinely connect to the listeners.”

Both Mona Singh (Jassi) and Gaurav Ghera (Nandu) are quite excited about their new roles. Said Singh, “I am pretty excited about my new role as RJ, I am all the more kicked about the fact that I’ll be able to speak my mind and relate to listeners on a one to one basis.”

Said Ghera on his new avatar as RJ, “RJing is something that I have always wanted to do, but I never imagined that I would get the opportunity to do it someday. I am sure that through the medium of the radio, the real Gaurav Ghera will have real time fun and be able to garner some real friends too.”

Since both have a background in television and a fair knowledge of the industry, Singh and Ghera are confident that they would be able to shoulder their new roles as RJs with aplomb. Both are happy about working with the best talents in the industry and are confident that handling the technical aspects of RJing would not be a problem.

When asked if they would miss the camera, lights and clapsticks, Singh said, “On television although people can see you, they can’t interact with you and thus it lacks that lively feeling. Ofourse, both Gaurav and I would be doing television simultaneously, so our fans will have enough of us visually too.”

The breakfast show will not be an extension of ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’. The duo will be themselves and will deal with real life situations of dilemma, dispute, revenge, etc. and deal with the callers to the show in the right and light spirit.

Both Singh and Ghera agree that RJing and acting on TV are two different ballgames. “While acting, you are allowed to have retakes, but radio is live and one cannot afford to make a mistake while on air. You will have to think and say the right things very fast and unlike television there are no doctored scripts here,” both said.

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