Jagran christens FM venture as Radio Mantra, first station to be launched in February

Jagran christens FM venture as Radio Mantra, first station to be launched in February

Author | Sumita Patra | Tuesday, Jan 09,2007 9:09 AM

Jagran christens FM venture as Radio Mantra, first station to be launched in February

Jagran Group is all set to launch its FM radio venture in February 2007. The venture, christened Radio Mantra, will be run under Shri Puran Multimedia Ltd. According to the Group, Mantra was the best embodiment that reflected an optimistic attitude towards life, enjoyed universal acceptance, was individual and general simultaneously, besides holding the highest scalability and versatility for multiple interpretation.

Narendra Tripathi, COO, Radio Mantra, said, “If you were to look at various radio stations, no one has gone in this genre. While conceptualising the name, we thought that it should appeal to everyone and connect with everybody. We were very clear from the beginning that the name and the logo should be a differentiator, and Radio Mantra seems perfectly fit for us.”

Radio Mantra will make its first foray in markets like Hisar and Karnal in the first week of February. As part of the first phase of licensing, the Group had won the licensing for eight cities, including Hisar, Karnal, Agra, Benares, Bareily, Gorakhpur, Jalandhar and Ranchi. The Group aims to launch its other radio stations by March 2007.

When queried on the idea behind looking at these markets, Rahul Gupta, Director, Radio Mantra, said, “We strategically contemplated the footprint of Dainik Jagran and analysed the potential of these virgin markets by calculating their existing advertising spend and prospects of growth in the coming years. Being a first mover in these markets, we get to establish radio and cultivate the taste of the audience. By addressing these markets, we also get an opportunity to learn more about the medium and prepare ourselves for future expansion.”

Echoing the same thought, Tripathi said, “We see great potential in these markets. It gives us an edge to be in these markets as Jagran has a strong foothold in these cities. Also, we feel that the commercial support from these markets will be very high. We feel it’s logical to start from smaller places and then move on to the bigger ones.”

Radio Mantra has been positioned as ‘hip and happening’ and an ‘approachable entertainer’. It will primarily cater to 18-34 year age group. The programming mix will vary from city to city, but all stations will have a local flavour to them and that’s where Radio Mantra seeks to be different from other FM radio stations.

As far as expansion plans are concerned, the Group aims to launch another 5-6 stations in the next phase. The marketing activities will encompass almost all the mediums. Brand Curry has been entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out the advertising for the venture.

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