IRS 2010 Q1: Chennai radio market has a de-growth story to tell

IRS 2010 Q1: Chennai radio market has a de-growth story to tell

Author | Cassandra Serpes | Saturday, May 15,2010 9:04 AM

IRS 2010 Q1: Chennai radio market has a de-growth story to tell

The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2010 Q1 data for the Chennai market shows a complete de-growth in listenership with just two of the top 10 radio players showing growth.

While Suryan FM continues to lead the market, it has seen decline of 3.17 per cent, which is the least decline rate in the Chennai market. The FM player has seen a listenership of 2,048,000 in the latest round, as against 2,115,000 in IRS 2009 R2. Radio Mirchi here is at the number two spot. The station has seen a drop of 7.61 drop from 1,604,000 in R2 to 1,482,000 in Q1.

Among the top five, Radio City is the only one that has seen a growth story. It has moved from a listenership of 183,000 in R2 to 235,000 in Q1 witnessing a good 28.42 per cent growth. At fourth position, Radio one has registered a 6.39 per cent decline its figures dropping from 219,000 in R2 to 205,000 in this round. Similarly Big FM has seen quite a steep decline from 239,000 in R2 to 202,000 in Q1 which is a 15.48 per cent decline.

At number six position is Hello FM which has seen a bad 24.22 per cent decline in listenership going down from 256,000 in R2 to 194,000 in Q1. Aahaa FM, at number seven on the charts, has also registered a decline its listenership going down from 124,000 in R2 to 102,000 in Q1 which is a 17.74 per cent change. Vividh Bharathi has seen a massive 43.48 per cent drop in its listenership. Its figures have gone down from 69,000 in R2 to 39,000 in Q1.

On the other hand, AIR FM Gold, which is the only station to have seen a positive growth among the second rung (number six to number eleven) has seen an unbelievable 191.67 per cent growth. This, quite obviously, is the highest growth recorded in the Chennai market. The radio station’s figures have gone up from 12,000 in 2009 R2 to 35,000 in 2010 Q1.

While AIR FM Gold enjoys its glory of being the highest gainer, AIR FM Rainbow has been the highest decline rate in the market with a de-growth of 52.78 per cent. Its figures have dropped from 72,000 in R2 to 34,000 in Q1. Similarly, Red FM, has also registered a decline of 40 per cent, its numbers going from 15,000 in 2009 R2 to 9,000 in 2010 Q1.

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