In-home listenership dominates Radio: ORG Marg survey

In-home listenership dominates Radio: ORG Marg survey

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Nov 06,2002 8:02 AM

In-home listenership dominates Radio: ORG Marg survey

Is drive time the peak time of radio listenership? Well, the answer is 'No'. A recent survey conducted by ORG-Marg breaks the myth. The survey depicts that, in Mumbai, the radio listenership is dominated by home listenership, followed by office and then while driving the cars.

While no major differences were found in the sex and age of the listeners, the bulk of listenership, 93%, is derived from the home segment. The offices contribute 5% of listenership whereas the share of listeners' in the car or at the time of traveling is merely 1%.

The listenership is highest on a Sunday with 112 minutes on an average as compared to the weekday with 96 minutes. And interestingly the time spent by SEC D and E is more than the amount of time spent by SEC A.

In Mumbai, out of the estimated 15+ individuals totaling up to a population of 84-lakh, 60% listen to radio at least once a week and 42% listen to radio on a daily bases, resulting into a daily listener ship of 70% for weekly listeners.

The study was carried out by ORG-Marg during June 4-30, 2002. The listener ship pattern might change soon since private FM broadcasters have garnered a large chunk of audience post the dates of the study.

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