IMPACT Annv Spl: Optimising returns on radio

IMPACT Annv Spl: Optimising returns on radio

Author | Prashant Panday | Thursday, Jan 05,2012 7:55 AM

IMPACT Annv Spl: Optimising returns on radio

Have fun with radio! All that you cannot achieve with TV and print advertising, you can achieve with radio ads. With radio, you can actually take risks. The outlays on radio campaigns are much smaller than that on TV and print campaigns. Clients are thus more willing to try crazy advertising on radio.

Do not delegate making radio ads to the lowest order creative person in your agency. Almost all NCDs today have cut their teeth in radio. That has helped them hone their copy skills like nothing else could have. Whether it’s Piyush or Prasoon, Bobby or Pops, Josy or Preeti, they are all gurus in radio advertising.

National advertisers should use radio in one of two ways – added to print or added to TV. Don’t take radio alone, but also don’t take print or TV alone. In today’s complex and cluttered world, a multi-media campaign is a must. Radio is the catalyst for TV and print campaigns. Using radio, you can make your print and TV ads work harder.

Use radio in saturation mode – the minimum number of radio spots required per campaign per radio station is at least 150-200. If it’s a seven-day campaign, you need 20 spots a day. If it’s a three-day campaign, you need 50 spots a day.

Radio works better when you make multiple creatives for each campaign – a different set for each city. It is good to schedule different ads at different times of the day and change creatives frequently. You can’t do this with TV. This is something only radio allows.

Radio allows you to develop different advertising solutions for different parts of the country. For example, your brand may be a leader in Gujarat, at number two in Maharashtra and nowhere at all in Delhi. Obviously, you need different marketing and advertising strategies to address these different situations. The only medium that you can use effectively to fulfil these strategies is radio. With TV, you can only make one standard creative to address all problems.

Integrate your brand with the radio station’s brand. Ask the radio station to give great creatives and then be willing to pay. Radio is no longer cheap, at least programming integrations are not. The best integrations are those which work for both, the radio station and your brand. Only when this happens will the radio programming team actually start working for your brand.

(Prashant Panday is Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Radio Mirchi.)

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