IMPACT Annv Spl: 7 ways to improve advtg on radio

IMPACT Annv Spl: 7 ways to improve advtg on radio

Author | Rajeev Nambiar | Tuesday, Jan 03,2012 7:46 AM

IMPACT Annv Spl: 7 ways to improve advtg on radio

“Radio rips masks. Disguises crumble on radio. Radio bares all bluffs. Only honest advertising pays,” cautions Rajeev Nambiar, CEO, Hello FM 106.4.

Advertising and Radio – Till death do us part...
The first step towards improving advertising on radio is to make sure that the two walk down the aisle together to the altar. Currently, advertising on radio is akin to either a flirtatious amorous affair or a fleeting matrimonial vow. My hope is that in the near future ‘advertising’ and ‘radio’ should commit to a lasting relationship, based on mutual trust and their symbiotic dependence on each other.

All’s well that begins well – It all begins with a good brief...
Cliché? Yes. Proverbial? Agreed. But fundamentals don’t change. First, know what you want, then ask what you want and thus you will get what you want. Get into a huddle with a game-plan before the kick-off, rather than fret and rue at the end of play. This way, expectations and deliveries are fairly well matched all along - between advertisers and radio. My experience suggests that a fiercely debated brief right at the start always ensures a healthy output in the end.

Our own Madison Avenue mates – Missing in action...
They may be moody or maverick. Their long hair and frayed jeans may make you smirk. But they remain ale and arty all the time. How I miss that breed! Why in the last six years, neither I nor my team bottoms-upped a drink or show-downed an idea with the creative blokes of the agency.

Our run-ins have always been with gimme-me-more Gordon Gekkos. Now don’t read me wrong,
I quite enjoy their company. I am only inviting more people to the party. It will be more fun, and importantly, more fruitful.

Television hand-me-downs – One size does not fit all...
Howard Stern once said that radio paints better pictures than even television does. I have been a sucker myself for some compelling commercials on television. However, having said that, they belong only there. But radio deserves its own due. Television commercials merely divorced from their visuals don’t necessarily make a pretty picture on radio. Let radio speak for itself. Please.

Any time is good time – Just know when...
The rate at which advertisers are gobbling up breakfast time, I dread that radio in the mornings will soon resemble a roadside diner. Similarly, if advertisers continue to cruise along only during drive-time, it’s safe to wager that radio is heading towards an impending traffic jam. Unlike other media, which largely encourages appointment engagements, radio – being an ambient and mobile medium, entertains staggered and day-long consumption. My advice to brands seeking shelf-space on radio would be to stand out from the crowd by choosing time-bands appropriate to their potential consumers. If you want to be heard, you’d rather stay away from the herd.

Value-adds versus valuable ads – Radio can never lie...
Every time a waiter at a restaurant connives to slip in a certain dish from the menu down my throat, I generally lose my appetite for the dish. Today’s radio listener is pretty much the same. He may be teased and taunted, but unlikely to be ensnared. For, radio rips masks. Disguises crumble on radio. Radio bares all bluffs. So the next time you put on your thinking caps, brain-storming to concoct value-ads, bear in mind – radio is real. Only honest advertising pays.

Radio is only as good as you want it to be – Help yourself...
Radio is a very malleable medium. It can hold out a hand. It can lend a shoulder. It can keep a secret. It can share a joke. It can tell a story. It can sing a song. It can speak your language. It can wipe your tears. It can make you smile. It can also advertise. Now, help yourself.

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