ILT 2006 Wave 4: Mirchi continues to rule despite heavy loss in listenership

ILT 2006 Wave 4: Mirchi continues to rule despite heavy loss in listenership

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Thursday, May 31,2007 9:26 AM

ILT 2006 Wave 4: Mirchi continues to rule despite heavy loss in listenership

The latest wave of Media Research Users’ Council’s (MRUC) Indian Listenership Track (ILT) 2006 is out. The survey tracks listenership in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. While for Mumbai and Delhi, this is the fourth wave, for Kolkata this is the third wave, since the market was added only recently to ILT.

The fieldwork for ILT 2006 Wave 4 was conducted from February 17, 2007 to April 28, 2007. The survey indicates a 50.02 lakh and 62.27 lakh listenership in Mumbai and Delhi respectively. ILT follows the ‘Day after Recall (DAR)’ methodology to track listenership. It should be noted that Radio City and Big FM do not follow ILT due to the use of DAR methodology.

The topline shows that Radio Mirchi continues its leadership position in all the three cities. Radio City comes within striking distance of Mirchi in Mumbai, while Red FM and Big FM continue to follow the leader from a distance in Delhi and Kolkata respectively.

In Mumbai, which is arguably Mirchi’s strongest market, the station has registered a drop in listenership of 2.62 lakh. Despite this, it continues to maintain a leadership position with 19.72 lakh listeners. City is in a striking distance of the leader with 18.54 lakh listeners, followed by Red FM and Big FM with 15.67 lakh and 12.18 lakh listeners respectively. Meanwhile, Radio One and Fever FM have registered 8.01 lakh and 2.30 lakh listeners’ respectively.

Topline indicates that Mirchi is the only one to see a dip in the city, while all others have gained considerably. Radio City is the biggest gainer with an increase of 2.96 lakh listeners, followed closely by Big with 2.89 lakh. Radio One has picked up considerably, following its drop during the last wave, with a gain of 1.54 lakh listeners and, Red has registered a listenership of 1.16 lakh in Mumbai.

Delhi is the only city where Mirchi has gained some ground in this wave, with an increase of 1.59 lakh listeners over the last wave to have 36.54 lakh listeners. Red follows in second place with 21.10 lakh listeners, with City following at 16.56 lakh listeners. Red has grown the highest in the city with a rise of 3.14 lakh listeners, while City has registered a 0.58 lakh increase. Radio One, with an increase of 0.40 lakh listeners, has managed a 4.15 listenership in the city.

Big and Hit are the only players to register a drop in the city. Hit has registered a 1.86 lakh listenership drop over the previous wave, while Big has lost 0.53 lakh listeners.

All players have registered fall in their listenership in ILT 2006 Wave 3 Kolkata, with Mirchi losing quite a lot. Radio Mirchi leads the pack again, but is followed by Big in this city. Red picks up the third place. Where Mirchi has lost 4.29 lakh listeners, Big has lost 2.05 lakh listeners. Red got away with a drop of just 0.10 in listenership, while Aamar FM lost 1.76 lakh listeners. Power FM, which was not surveyed during the last wave, has registered a 3.16 lakh listenership.

Prashant Panday, Deputy CEO, Radio Mirchi said, “We still have to see the data closely and observe why the numbers are, the way they are. That said, I think trends over a period of time is important, and not just in one wave. I am yet not terribly worried with the numbers of this wave.”

Red is excited and the station’s COO, Abraham Thomas said, “The latest ILT 2006 wave 4 is great news for RED FM and we are progressing as per our own internal plans and we aren't really surprised with our growth.”

Panday further added, “We give credence to data and with the numbers that this wave has thrown, we will go back to our drawing boards and see what programming innovations we can do to correct the situation.”

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