ILT 2005 Wave 3: Mirchi leads all the way, City follows

ILT 2005 Wave 3: Mirchi leads all the way, City follows

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Feb 10,2006 8:28 AM

ILT 2005 Wave 3: Mirchi leads all the way, City follows

Media Research User's Council's (MRUC) Indian Listenership Track (ILT) 2005 Wave 3 numbers are out. The survey, which gives an indication of FM listenership in Mumbai and Delhi NCR, shows that while Mumbai has seen a slight dip in listeners in the latest round, Delhi NCR has shown an increase. It is good news for Radio Mirchi all the way and Radio City follows closely, despite the fact that the stations have seen decline in listenership from the last round of data – ILT 2005 Wave 2. Red FM has registered an increase in listenership, but is still on the third slot.

Looking at some of the top line numbers, the total listenership (gauged from the parameter 'Whether Listened to Radio Yesterday') in Mumbai is 4,879,000 and in Delhi NCR is 5,584,000 on a population base of 14,559,000 in Mumbai and 14,285,000 in Delhi NCR. In Wave 2, Mumbai was at 4,980,000 and Delhi NCR was at 5,364,000.

Yesterday's Listenership

In Wave 3, the further segregation of the 4,879,000 listenership figure for the parameter 'Yesterday' in Mumbai puts Radio Mirchi on top with a listenership of 1,999,000. City follows at 1,839,000 and Red FM is at 1,089,000. However, both Mirchi and City have dropped from the figures they had in Wave 2, where Mirchi was at 2,140,000 and City was at 1,922,000. Red FM has seen an increase, given its figure of 888,000 in Wave 2. Vividh Bharati, too, has increased and follows Red in Wave 3 with a listenership of 433,000, AIR FM 2 at 224,000. Go 92.5 is at 204,000 in Mumbai.

The Delhi Wave 3 figures too put Mirchi on top with a listenership of 3,750,000, again a slight dip from the 3,812,000 of Wave 2. City follows at 2,018,000 and Red is at 1,330,000 – both stations have increased in listenership figures – City was at 1,963,000 and Red was at 872,000. The next player with some numbers in this market is AIR FM 2, which is at 760,000.

Last One Week Listenership

Moving to the last one week listenership number, in Mumbai, Mirchi is on the top again at 2,842,000, but this is a dip compared to the 3,264,000 of Wave 2. City is at 2,708,000, again a dip from the 2,994,000 figure, and Red is on 1,740,000, which is an increase from the 1,432,000 figure. Vividh Bharati again takes the fourth slot at 676,000 and Go throws a number of 519,000. In Delhi NCR, Mirchi is at 4,975,000 and City has 4,109,000. Red FM is at 3,419,000 and AIR FM 2 is at 1,955,000. The trend of dip in Mirchi and City continues here as well. Similarly, Red has registered an increase, as has Vividh Bharati.


This is one parameter, where no brand has taken a dip from the last rounds figures and the trends continue to be the same in terms of the brand awareness of the specific stations. Mirchi strikes again on the top of mind awareness in the current data, where it is at 1,465,000 in Mumbai and 3,072,000 in Delhi NCR. City is the second seed again – 1,632,000 in Mumbai and 1,191,000 in Delhi NCR. Red FM takes slot three – 663,000 in Mumbai and 562,000 in Delhi NCR. While in Mumbai, the fourth slot is taken by Vividh Bharati (389,000), in Delhi NCR, it is AIR FM 2 (390,000).

Comparing this with the total awareness, which also includes aided awareness, Mirchi is at a high in Mumbai at 4,635,000. City is close behind at 4,456,000 and Red is at 3,990,000. Vividh Bharati is at 3,616,000 and Go is on 2,446,000. In Delhi NCR, Mirchi is again on the high (5,529,000) and City (5,425,000) is behind with a small margin, which is the same with Red FM (5,343,000) as well.

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