Hello FM out to make non-listeners say ‘Hello to Radio’

Hello FM out to make non-listeners say ‘Hello to Radio’

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Saturday, Mar 03,2007 8:20 AM

Hello FM out to make non-listeners say ‘Hello to Radio’

Hello FM, which has been aggressively promoting the brand by being part of most of the happenings in Chennai and going to town with hoardings at the regular intervals, is now treading an altogether different path. The channel is aggressively promoting FM as category and has put up hoardings at several premium locations, which read ‘Do you know there are nine FM stations in Chennai? Say hello to radio’.

Rajeev Nambiar, President and COO, Hello FM, said, “Brand promotion is on top of the mind for almost all the FM stations, but there are very few takers when it comes to promoting FM stations as a category. Most of the channels shy away from category promotion thinking that it will have boomerang effect or end up helping their competitors. But we felt that there are many people in Chennai who do not know that there are nine FM stations in Chennai and we thought that it is necessary educate the people on this count and decided to come up with such hoardings.”

“We also thought that we should reach out to the non-listeners and this campaign is solely aimed at attracting more ears to radio. It is a huge initiative,” he added.

The channel is also associating with most of the happenings in the city. One such association is Chennai Sangamam, a festival celebrating the cultural ethos of Chennai. Besides putting up billboards at 25 major traffic locations in the city, the FM station went to town with around 300 mini hoardings. The channel also had a lot of interactive capsules for the audience during the Chennai Snagamam event.

“Most of the FM channels went after Chennai Sangamam and wanted to be part of it. But we went on to clinch the deal because of our local milieu and understanding of folk music. Our presentation and good clean Tamil stood as the qualifier,” explained Nambiar. From now onwards, Hello FM would be part of this event every year and add value to this event, he further said.

“The association has helped us in more than one way. Besides increasing our listenership, it has given a good brand recall value,” he added.

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