Go 92.5 to sport a new logo

Go 92.5 to sport a new logo

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Tuesday, Aug 17,2004 8:59 AM

Go 92.5 to sport a new logo

Go 92.5 has brought in a logo, that displays the ‘Go’ in a well-defined and accentuated format and from a horizontal portrayal, it’s been reversed to a circular format. With the launch of College Radio (in which the lead sponsor is Orange) on August 24, the station would start displaying its new logo in the media and advertising circles.

Says Shariq Patel, Station Head, Go 92.5, “As a radio station, we have crossed many milestones. We felt that it was necessary to have a logo, which would reflect the changes that we have gone through, as a radio station. We needed a logo that would stand out in the clutter, and which would give the unmistakable recall of our station. We then got in touch with Alok Nanda Communications, and debated on the various possibilities that we could explore, as far as our logo is concerned. A logo gives a distinct identity to the brand and ideally ought to inspire instant recall. And we thought that it was high time to make a few changes in our logo.”

Vishnu Athreya, Programming Head, Go 92.5, states, “ We felt the need to introduce a logo, which would be more contemporary and vibrant in character. The new logo gives us the liberty, to play around with colours and it makes a statement. While earlier, we had a logo that was static in nature, this one is exciting, bold and brash and is visually appealing. As a station, we have evolved with time. We needed a logo, which would reflect our evolution and the milestones that we have crossed.”

He adds, “The new logo would be displayed, hand-in-hand with the College Radio activity, and it would add to the decibels associated with the event.”

What was the brief allotted to Alok Nanda Communications? He responds, “The brief was clear. We needed a station logo, which was simple, definitive and contemporary. The agency worked out certain solutions, and brainstormed about the kind of value addition, that these would bring in for the brand. This particular logo was the one that we both agreed upon. We took the decision instantaneously.”

Would this step be supplemented by changes in programming or a brand new jingle? Athreya asserts, “Not at present. A change in logo does not represent a change in our station personality or our overall outlook. It’s not a relaunch of sorts.”

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