Go 92.5 FM takes its popular retro programme – 'Nightshift' – Live

Go 92.5 FM takes its popular retro programme – 'Nightshift' – Live

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Saturday, Nov 26,2005 7:59 AM

Go 92.5 FM takes its popular retro programme – 'Nightshift' – Live

Mumbai-based Go 92.5 FM radio station, has taken its programme 'Nightshift' Live to its audience as a marketing initiative. The FM channel is partnering the ongoing Bandra Festival in Mumbai and what better way to connect with the Retro and English music loving audience than a fest like this.

Bandra Festival is a much frequented festival of the high profile suburb and is a month-long event. Taking us through the entire initiative, Shariq Patel, Station Head, Go 92.5 FM, said, "We thought instead of doing the normal live update of the festival on radio, getting radio jockey Glen and his band to perform live in front of his audience is a much better way to connect with them. This will help increase loyalty and attract new audiences too."

"It's all about innovating and driving a little extra effort towards getting close to your listeners. We plan to undertake such efforts once in about six months and more if we get such city specific events to tie up with. These are just another occasions where once can reach to its audience and let them have a good time," he added.

Go 92.5 FM has a strong loyal audience profile and the channel enjoys this because it is the only FM station that plays English music on a regular basis, more than any other station in the city.

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