FM Phase III: Delhi, Rs 133 crore and counting

FM Phase III: Delhi, Rs 133 crore and counting

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Thursday, Aug 06,2015 8:06 AM

FM Phase III: Delhi, Rs 133 crore and counting

Day 8 of the first stage of the Phase III auctions ended today with now a total of 32 rounds having occurred. Delhi still overwhelms all other cities, proving that it is the most sought after frequency in the country. The bid for its one single frequency now stands at an excess of Rs 133 crore.

Mumbai now has 2 bids for its 2 frequencies at an amount of approximately less than Rs 89.86 crore.

Ahmedabad, which was so highly valued last week, still has not seen a new bid since yesterday, despite getting 4 bids at one point of time. Bhubaneshwar saw its bid price increase to over Rs 7 crore and now has 3 bids for its single frequency; down from 5 yesterday.

Guwahati, which was the most sought after frequency since the start of the auctions saw itself without any bids on Day 8. If the bidding continues for a couple of days more,  Bangalore will probably see itself breaking the Rs 100 crore barrier,; it now stands with a highest bid of Rs 98 crore for its single frequency.

Chennai has also seen interest fall away with just 1 bid, down from a high of 4 last week with the provisional winning price at just under Rs 40 crore.

In the north, Jaipur saw its bid increase by a factor of one; it now has 3 bids, with the closing price ending at around Rs 15.75 crore. Jodhpur has one bid with the price over Rs 2 crore on Day 6 but that bid has fallen away and now the city is left with no bids unless things change on Day 9.

Hyderabad still remained static with three bids at Rs 18 crore and has one excess frequency but apparently no takers. Unless things change dramatically, Hyderabad will be one of the poorest performers in these auctions.


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