FM Phase III: Delhi overtakes Mumbai with Rs 86 crore bid on Day 4

FM Phase III: Delhi overtakes Mumbai with Rs 86 crore bid on Day 4

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Friday, Jul 31,2015 8:05 AM

FM Phase III: Delhi overtakes Mumbai with Rs 86 crore bid on Day 4

As expected, Delhi has become the highest bidded city in the first round of Phase III with a bid of approx Rs 86 crore. The city is now grappling with 3 bids for its 1 frequency. On the other hand, Mumbai now has just a single bid for its 2 frequencies at an amount of approximately Rs 78 crore. This is an amazing turnaround from the previous day which saw the city with 5 bids for its 2 frequencies.

Ahemdabad continued to see favour on Day 4 with 4 bids and the highest bid of just under Rs 25 crore; an increase of nearly 5 crore over the previous day. The dark horse; Bhubaneshwar,  saw its bid price increase to Rs over Rs 2 crore and this will definitely be one of the cities to watch out for before the auctions get over.

Guwahati is still caught in a three way tussle and remains the most sought after frequency in the  north-east with a closing bid of Rs 78.58 lakh.

Bangalore now has 3 bids, as compared to 4 the previous day, with the bid amount increasing to Rs 44.90 crore for its single frequency.

Chennai is another city which has seen a lot of interest. It ended Day 4 with 2 bids, as 2 suitors fell away,  and highest bid of Rs 25.50 crore for its single frequency.

In the north, Jaipur saw an extra bid yesterday, which means the capital of the desert state is now a two way battle between two bidders with the closing price of Rs 7.8 crore.

Hyderabad, surprisingly, remained static with three bids at Rs 18 crore. It seems that all three bidders are still shy from committing here. However,  Hyderabad is considered to be a lucrative city, if not to the level of Delhi and Mumbai, so it is likely to attract atleast one big money bid before the auctions are done.


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