FICCI Radio Forum: RJs should better mind their language, says Sonu Nigam

FICCI Radio Forum: RJs should better mind their language, says Sonu Nigam

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Tuesday, Nov 14,2006 9:30 AM

FICCI Radio Forum: RJs should better mind their language, says Sonu Nigam

If you are at times appalled by the distasteful remarks made by some garrulous radio jockey, then you have an ally in well known singer and radio presenter Sonu Nigam, who came out openly against such RJs who use irresponsible language while presenting songs at a seminar on FM Radio organised by the FICCI Radio Forum.

Objecting to the use of derogatory words against industry veterans, Nigam asked stations to tell their RJs to be respectful to them. Giving one instance, Nigam flayed one RJ of an FM station who while playing the song ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti…’ penned by well-known lyricist Gulshan Bawra, commented, “Gana to woh bahut achha likhte the, lekin kabhi kabhi unko acting ki bhi ‘khujli’ hoti thi.”

Further speaking at the Seminar, Nigam said, ‘Radio has immense power to popularise good and worthy music irrespective of the picturisation of the song. In future, radio could be a great medium to release individual artists’ songs, who otherwise don’t get a platform. Who knows, we could soon see the first ever radio created superstar of the country!”

Speaking from his own experience as an RJ for a few days with an FM station in Mumbai, Nigam said, “Radio stations should amalgamate old music with new music and people would really love it.” He also asked stations to name the singer of the song and not on whom it was picturised or what clothes the actors had worn.

Speaking against what he called ‘popularity-oriented monotony’, veteran radio presenter Amin Sayani, who’s career in radio spans 56 years, said, “In the rush to keep up with the trend, all presenters talk in the same voice, making all stations sounding similar. The presenter should keep his individuality while interacting on radio.”

Giving his view on niche stations, the legendary host of ‘Geetmala’ said, “If you go into niche music, then you will not only lose out on the revenue front, but also listenership. If at all you go niche, you have to be extremely careful. You should limit yourself to a certain character, but should play a variety of music.”

Deliberating on the formats that have been neglected so far, Sayani said, “Quiz programmes, short plays, linking up stage performances could be big hits on FM stations.”

Emphasising on the social relevance factor in any form of entertainment, Sayani said, “No entertainment will be successful without social relevance and no social relevance will be viable without a bit of glamour and entertainment.”

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