Fever FM intensifies bid for numero uno position

Fever FM intensifies bid for numero uno position

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Monday, Jul 14,2008 9:11 AM

Fever FM intensifies bid for numero uno position

Standing out amid the clutter of FM stations is a major challenge for FM players in the country today. With nearly all stations offering a programme mix of Bollywood songs, contemporary music and a smattering of talk shows, it often becomes difficult to distinguish the content of different stations. In come 360-degree media and promotion plans. One such player is Fever FM, which has chalked out aggressive growth plans.

Fever FM has positioned itself as a vibrant, youthful and creative FM station, which has interactive programming that just lets the music play. It claims to be synonymous with less talk and more music comprising the top contemporary hits. The station’s programme mix is also peppered with contests, which are extensively promoted on television, print, outdoor and more, to capture the listeners’ attention and reward their listening experience on Fever FM with some easy to win monies.

Fever FM Delhi claims that it has already reached a level where it has consistently been at the No. 2 position. The station is now seriously figuring out how to reach the No. 1 position.

Gowri Satyamoorthy Kapre, National Head-Marketing & Promotion, Fever FM, said, “Fever FM is all about music. Right from the beginning, our effort has always been to provide listeners with more music every hour, and the songs we play are complete songs. We make sure that nothing comes between listeners and their listening experience, given that people fundamentally tune in to radio for music.”

“Of course, we do want RJ talk as also other features that build a human connect with music. However, the primary reason for people to tune in is the music. Therefore, our flagship property is to give our listeners 40 minutes of non-stop music every hour. For instance, the first 40 minutes every morning from 8-8.40 am we do not have any ad breaks. We only have RJ links which are very short and help build a human connect with the songs. Listeners get the experience of music in a very recognizable manner. So, this is the significant differentiation we have versus other radio stations,” Kapre pointed out.

She further said, “Apart from music, people also want to know about what is happening around them – in sports, in their city, weather updates.”

“In terms of market share, I think music radio is much bigger than talk radio. In terms of growth, I think there is tremendous growth for both as it is a relatively new market. Ultimately listeners will buy what we are promising them in terms of availability,” added Kapre.

Elaborating on Fever FM’s future plans, she said, “We really try to deliver our promise in a more innovative manner, and continue to surprise and delight our listeners with our content. We will continue to offer content that engages our listeners. Fever FM will also undertake some big promos. We are looking at partnering with some of the key college festivals. Fever Jam has been running in Delhi for nearly a year now.”

Commenting on the promotion activities, Kapre said, “All big promos of the station are supported by a lot of on-ground activities. For instance, for the ‘I love Fever 104’ campaign in Bangalore and Kolkata, we are doing 360-degree surround activity. Thus, we have TV commercials playing out in a Kannada channel in Bangalore and a Bangla channel in Kolkata. We are also advertising in the outdoor medium as well as doing a lot of on-ground activities that are not restricted to malls alone. We are visiting colleges, BPOs and other IT hub areas that see a concentration of our target audience. We are also distributing pamphlets. We are present in cinema theaters across the city and on local YV channels. Any time the listener looks any where, we are there.”

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