Dr Morepen reworking radio plans

Dr Morepen reworking radio plans

Author | Minita Kumar | Friday, Jun 21,2002 8:25 AM

Dr Morepen reworking radio plans

What does a brand do when the objective is to build overnight recall and brand association? Own the medium! This is exactly what Dr. Morepen did, given the task to build quick awareness using health as a platform.

In one interesting move, they owned the ''in'' medium these days, (yes, we''re talking about Radio) by blocking the premium 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. slot on AIR FM, which they did not only do in Delhi, but Mumbai as well. And the results are quite bullish. But with the private stations coming up, they are reworking their strategies.

Rewinding a little, Dr. Morepen''s ''Non Stop Zindagi'', the one hour fully dedicated show on Dr. Morepen started off quite well and continued to do so. And the objectives that Dr. Morepen had set out to achieve, that of having total control of the slot, accompanied by high brand salience and no competition whatsoever, were achieved, may we say, totally.

Before the launch of ''Non Stop Zindagi'' in Mumbai and Delhi, Dr. Morepen, seeing no suitable program on FM, that could portray the right image for the brand, it bought the 7:00-8:00 p.m. slot (the card rate of the slot being Rs.30, 000), and got ''Saregama'' to produce the program.

Says Dr. N.K Chandrashekhar, General Manager- Media Alliances, NJOY Mediatechno Ltd., the group that handles the media requirements of Dr. Morepen and all its brands, "''Non Stop Zindagi'' is a music remix program, that is based on the wellness concept. Via the program, we tried to marry health with lifestyle, which is why the program gives simple tips like ''how to find that extra time for exercise'', ''how to take care of your hair'' etc." But with Saregama closing down about 4 months back, Dr. Morepen gave the production to Anish Trivedi''s ''Banyan Tree''.

With their objectives in place and good results too, it seemed that Dr. Morepen would continue with whatever they were doing on radio. But with Private Radio stations coming in Mumbai, and fragmentation on the rise, Dr. Morepen had to review its plans. It withdrew its programme from Mumbai. And now with more FM channels due in Delhi, Dr. Morepen is again re-strategizing. Amongst a host of possibilities is the possibility of withdrawal as well. What will happen, only time will tell.

At the same time, in Mumbai, Dr. Morepen''s talks are on with Radio Mirchi and Radio City. Since Dr. Morepen is a mass brand, a mass radio channel could be a good fit. But not every one is convinced and opinions vary. Not only on this, but also on the fact that using the same pre recorded creative for two cities is not a good idea mainly because radio is a very regional medium.

Yet, for Dr. Morepen it has been a good first step. It has been a thought leader and has done fairly well too. All said and done, for a brand like Dr. Morepen, that''s been around in a market for only a year and has created quite an awareness level in the relatively small period, it definitely had its game plan straight, objectives in place, and strategies well chalked out to meet those objectives or it wouldn''t have been where it is today.

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