'Creative advertising on Radio gives higher brand recall'

'Creative advertising on Radio gives higher brand recall'

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Tuesday, Feb 22,2005 8:04 AM

'Creative advertising on Radio gives higher brand recall'

The effectiveness of radio commercials can be enhanced, using various means, said John Dickson and Kevin Best, Joint Executive Creative Directors of Heard -- a creative division of Austereo Ltd. at a workshop on creative radio advertising held in the Capital on Monday.

According to them Radio is perhaps the most cost-effective and powerful means of communications. The workshop, organised by Delhi Advertising Club and sponsored by Amsi Radio, dwelt on the art of mastering radio creatives in advertising.

Dickson and Best said that television, in combination with radio, accounts for a higher brand recall than television alone. Best said, "Studies indicate that instead of two commercials on television, one commercial on TV and the other on radio gives about a 20 per cent higher brand recall. Also, a television commercial, if put out exactly on radio, works very well as the listener can then visualise the whole ad."

"Radio is closest to people as it places the products in real life rather than in some far away fantasy world of stars and glamour," he added. Another aspect that they highlighted was product and personal relevance of commercials. "In radio, we go from unfocused to highly-focused listening. The first five seconds of any ad creative are critical to catch a listener's attention as they determine the attention span of the consumer," said Dickson.

According to Dickson, some important considerations for advertising on radio are spots, i.e., talking to people at a relevant time, creating a buzz or excitement about the product, promos to generate interest and live reads, which are used strategically to make them real. "Cutting through techniques by stretching the imagination and use of interactivity to get consumers to participate are significant factors," he said.

Talking about techniques of mastering radio creatives, Best added, "To keep people focused, create an emotional bond. People want to hear positive, simple and easy to understand things. Sonic brand triggers prove helpful as people hear them even when they are not listening to the commercials."

Radio has come to be a very powerful medium and a significant chunk of ad spends go to this media.

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