Contests galore for radio this Diwali season

Contests galore for radio this Diwali season

Author | Saloni Surti | Monday, Nov 12,2012 6:53 PM

Contests galore for radio this Diwali season

As the country gears up to celebrate the festival of lights, radio players spice up content line-up to bring Diwali live on air this year. Unlike other medium, radio lacks the visual benefit and thus has limited options in terms of creating buzz on air. While integrated campaigns ruled radio during Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali is seeing a wave of contest-based content.

Red FM has initiated ‘Red FM Pe Ad Gino Paisa Jeeto’ which enables listeners to win cash prizes if they correctly count the number of ads played in a commercial break. Aiming to break the monotone and clutter, the contest ensures that listeners do not tune out during commercial breaks, thus giving advertisers a good deal.

Radio City has a number of city-wise contests to drive the Diwali fervour in the country. Radio City listeners in Delhi and Mumbai can celebrate Diwali with ‘All Time Money’ (ATM) or ‘Ghar Aayi Lakshmi’ contest in which listeners have to identify the Bollywood voices from clips played on air.

Station listeners in Lucknow will be greeted with the ‘Kismat Dhan Mehnat’ contest that comes with an undisclosed ‘jackpot hour’, in which listeners can win double the prize. Radio City, Pune has a ‘Fataako Ka Dhamaal’ contest that will promote an eco-friendly Diwali through its contest. Ahmedabad will be Radio City’s only station that will witness an on-ground activation. The station has initiated an activity named ‘Zindagi Mubarak’ in which Magic Boxes will be placed around the city where people can donate gift items, which will be then taken to an NGO working for underprivileged children.

Big FM has launched ‘Big Family Jackpot’ across 44 cities. ‘Big Family Jackpot’ is an on-air family game show that allows up to four families each day from every city to compete against each other to win prizes for every correct answer to questions focussing on city-specific trivia.

Diwali is one of the highest points during the OND (October, November, and December) period and thus holds immense importance for media on the whole. While experts believe that television will be affected because of digitisation, with TV screens going blank and outdoor not witnessing the expected growth this year, it is an opportunity for radio to leverage Diwali to progressively carry on the growth witnessed in the previous quarter.

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