Colours of Holi on the airwaves too

Colours of Holi on the airwaves too

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Saturday, Mar 19,2011 8:12 AM

Colours of Holi on the airwaves too

Even as the nation celebrates Holi, radio stations have lined up a series of programme initiatives to enhance the festive quotient with ‘music and masti’.

Fever 104 FM has tied up with Hindustan Times for a Holi special initiative, called ‘Rang De Mumbai’. It is an SMS-based activity with on-air promotion. As part of the contest, listeners will have to guess their neighbour’s favourite colour and SMS it. Fever FM RJ Anuraag Pandey will then visit the winner’s society and be the host of the day, fun and games follow. There will be a treat of music and snacks too.

To kick off the festivities, Radio City has brought its popular ‘Babbar Sher’ on PlanetRadiocity.com by announcing a ‘Maar Hi Daloge’ contest for aspiring shayars. PlanetRadiocity.com will crown two winners by composing Babber Shers that will be aired exclusively on PlanetRadiocity.com. In fact, an exclusive Babber Sher page has been created on the website that plays the top most rib-tickling Babber Shers.

In Mumbai, Radio City is running a programme called ‘Bura Na Maano Holi Hai’ on air, where RJs invite listeners to talk about the one person they want to say ‘Bura Na Mano’ to and forget all negatives and embrace them as friends again. The FM player is organising Holi parties in Pune and Ahmedabad with listeners, wherein the RJs will go to different housing societies and celebrate the festival amongst their listeners.

In Bangalore, RJ Shwetha is asking listeners to decorate a Rangoli. She will be visiting select listeners’ homes with a TV celebrity and award the best Rangoli. On air, Radio City will run a Rangeela contest, wherein listeners are solicited to register and songs mentioning a colour will be played once an hour. As soon as they hear the song, listeners have to SMS with the colour mentioned in the song and win exciting prizes.

Lucknow will see Holi being celebrated with ‘Gile Shikve Mitao, Holi Manao’, aimed at conveying the ‘forgive and forget’ spirit of the festival.

Keeping the spirit of Holi alive, Red FM is giving out an interesting and unique ‘Holi Bachao’ hamper to all its listeners so that they can continue to have a fun-filled festive celebration to remember. Red FM started giving out the special hamper on every show a week prior to the Holi festivities. Besides this, listeners can also win free dinner vouchers.

Commenting on the festive celebrations, Nisha Narayanan, Senior VP, Projects and Programming, Red FM, said, “Holi is one of the most popular and colourful festivals that is celebrated across the country with great zest and vigor. To add to the festivities, this year we are giving away the special Holi Bachao hampers to our listeners, which will definitely make their experience most enjoyable and a memorable one.”

Radio One 94.3 FM has lined up a range of on air contests like ‘Rang Barse’, where listeners have to associate colours with the words/ songs being aired to win colourful hampers. The station’s jingle, too, has been changed for Holi, and has everyone shouting “Rang Barse”.

Anil Machado, Programming Head, Radio One, said, “The festival of Holi is no more just a North Indian festival, but a festival that is celebrated all over India.
We at Radio One are celebrating the same with maximum music, maximum choice and maximum Holi. What’s more exciting is, participate in our on air contests and win prizes to our large on-ground Holi parties where listeners can play Holi and have loads of fun with our MJs.”

“To name a few of our on ground events, in Pune, we’re having one of the biggest bashes with all our MJs and VJ Ranvijay and DJ Suketu at Sentosa Resorts. In Bangalore, there is another huge Holi party happening at Radio One Desi Grooves@ The Beach with MJ Anjaan and DJ Jasmeet,” he informed.


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