Chennai's college to switch on community radio

Chennai's college to switch on community radio

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Tuesday, Feb 15,2005 7:13 AM

Chennai's college to switch on community radio

As a medium of reaching out to people, community radio is the newest form of communication that is making its mark among college students. 91.2 MHz is the new frequency for the students of MOP Vaishnav, a Chennai-based College for Women through which they aim to inform and educate the listeners. The most intriguing aspect of the initiative is that the station will be managed and run completely by the students of the college. They are the ones who will be responsible for all aspects of the radio starting from generating content to uploading it.

Said Dr K Nirmala Prasad, Principal, MOP Vaishnav College, "We aim to reach out to the community and students through this very powerful medium. We are initially starting with one-hour programme in the morning that will be repeated in the evenings as well."

The content of the radio will focus on subjects related to health and social welfare, targeting all segments of the society. The content will be spoken in English as well as a regional language, divided equally across the one-hour capsule.

"Without getting into the cinematic aspect or the commercial side, the aim of the station is to educate people. There will be no advertising on the station with very focused content," added Prasad.

The community radio, which will cover the radius of about 15 km, will be formally launched on March 12, 2005.

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