Big FM turns 2; salutes everyday heroes with ‘Big Hero Award’

Big FM turns 2; salutes everyday heroes with ‘Big Hero Award’

Author | Shruti Tripathi | Thursday, Sep 25,2008 9:36 AM

Big FM turns 2; salutes everyday heroes with ‘Big Hero Award’

Big FM Delhi is in celebration mode for its second anniversary, which was on September 24. However, keeping in mind the recent blasts in the Capital and the supreme sacrifice made by late Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, the FM station has made it a celebration with a purpose. Big FM has instituted the ‘Big Hero Award’, and initiative wherein listeners get to vote for their hero from eight categories, including Delhi Police, food, fashion, music and cricket. This initiative commenced on September 19.

Following the encounter in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area, where Inspector Sharma was shot fatally by terrorists and the several arrests made thereafter, Delhi Police received the most votes and was bestowed with the ‘Big Hero Award’.

Meanwhile, Big FM Hyderabad is all set to celebrate its anniversary on September 25. The Chennai station would celebrate its birthday on September 27.

Speaking on the anniversary celebrations, Manisha Tripathi, Station Head, Big FM Delhi, said, “We had big celebration plans until the blasts in Delhi on September 13. The whole Capital is in a somber mood post the tragic death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma. Therefore, on this birthday, we want to lend emotional support to those who have had a brush with this tragedy.”

She further said, “The ‘Big Hero Award’ is a voting initiative, which beckons the listeners to choose their hero from among Delhi Police, Delhi University, food, fashion music and cricket. Owing to the death of Inspector Sharma, we saw Delhi voting extensively for Delhi Police. We also plan to hold interactions with colleagues of the late Inspector and facilitate interactions with psychiatrists for the blast victims to help Delhi regain its composure.”

Commenting on the anniversary celebrations, Anand Chakravarthy, Vice President – Marketing, Big FM, said, “Our anniversary will take forward ‘Suno Sunao Life Banano’, a motto we swear by. We cater to the needs of everyone – from a small retail shop to an MNC – and, therefore, exhort a vibe of optimism in our listeners.”

Meanwhile, Big FM Hyderabad, living up to its ‘Bindaas’ image, plans to invite listeners to co-host shows along with Big FM RJs. Listeners can register by sending SMSes and a one-minute link through IVR numbers. While Big FM RJs would hold auditions in various prominent locations of the city, the station will also witness celebrity interactions for a whole week.

Big FM Chennai will celebrate its second anniversary by rolling out a contest titled ‘Beat the balloon’. The contest revolves around a clock, which keeps ticking till the participant says ‘stop’. The participant gets to win the prize designated to the number it stops at.

Talking about future plans, Chakravarthy said, “With Diwali round the corner, we have planned a contest called ‘The Big Diwali Bonus’, which will give winners a ‘double bonus’, synonymous with the festive occasion. Also, (comedian) Raju Srivastava and celebrity wives would be incorporated in the shows.”

“We hope to get more licenses and look forward to a change of legislation so that private FM channels can broadcast news and live sports,” he added.

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