Big FM completes 2 years in Bangalore; to continue with Kannada music station peg

Big FM completes 2 years in Bangalore; to continue with Kannada music station peg

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Oct 16,2008 8:46 AM

Big FM completes 2 years in Bangalore; to continue with Kannada music station peg

Big FM has recently completed two years of its existence in Bangalore and is celebrating the occasion with another success, where for the past 14 consecutive weeks it has been rated as the No. 1 radio station in Bangalore (Source: RAM). Positioned as the true Kannada station, Big FM has been delivering its promise of ‘Keli Kelisi life Nimmadagisi!’ or ‘Truly impacting one’s life’, which was adopted when the station was launched.

Commenting on the station’s success formula, Sunil Kumaran, Cluster Head, Big FM, said, “We decided on taking the Kannada platform ever since we launched and have stuck to this strategy. While many have tried experimenting, we have been sure that Kannada is what will work for us and this strategy is paying dividends now.”

He added, “We have positioned the station not just as an entertainer, but a station that touches people’s lives. We take up issues that are relevant to a Bangalorean, but take a smart and witty approach to it instead of preaching, though we make sure that it is not a mockery of the entire issue.”

He further informed that the station believed that being on-air was not enough and ensured that many of the on-air activities were logically taken on ground.

Over the past two years, Big FM has successfully initiated ground breaking events like ‘Chipak Ke Jeeto’ / ‘Kai Ittare Karu’ (an endurance challenge to win a Hyundai i10), ‘Sing with Sonu’ contest (where the winner got to sing on stage with singer Sonu Nigam), and ‘Comedy Ganesha Wagon R Smart Challenge’ (where the smartest person got to win a WagonR Duo), among others.

Besides offering interactive on-air content, the station has also been involved in educating and creating awareness about various issues like Cancer Day awareness drive, anti-smoking campaign and social awareness campaigns like ‘Bendethu Bengaluru’.

On the way ahead, Kumaran said, “We will stay focused on our strategy of being a Kannada music station. Besides, we have planned many on-ground activities during Diwali and Rajyotsava. We see a change in attitude towards the medium, which is very encouraging. Marketers are now looking at radio for building their brands and not just as a tertiary communication medium, which is the traditional approach, or use it for promotion. The encouraging numbers of Big FM and the changing attitude towards the medium itself spells good times ahead.”

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