Bhaskar Group’s MYFM station moves to new frequency

Bhaskar Group’s MYFM station moves to new frequency

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Nov 14,2006 9:04 AM

Bhaskar Group’s MYFM station moves to new frequency

Bhaskar Group’s first FM station, MYFM in Jaipur, has moved from its existing frequency 106 to its new frequency 94.3. The station has initiated a ground level ‘Kaan marodo’ campaign that asks people to tweak the ‘kaan’ (radio dial) and tune in to the new frequency.

“Frequency and the station name are two prime identifiers with the FM station, they speak a language of attitude that the listeners empathise with and thus build the brand,” said MYFM’s National Programming Head, Viplove Gupte.

Explaining further, he said, “In normal course, a change in frequency would create a setback. But when you have a product that matches with listeners’ tastes, it’s the listeners who miss the content much before the radio station misses them. It’s they who seek out the content and in the process their favourite radio station.”

According to Sanjeev Kotnala, Head-Communication, Bhaskar Group, “At the end of the day listeners get attached to at least one or maximum two frequencies. And it is for these stations to continuously perform for their listeners to prevent any outsider to join the club. A listener will tune in to your frequency till you do not give him a reason to shift to another frequency. So, the game is all about the listener’s choice and you realising and acting on them. It’s all in the programming just like the content in a newspaper that makes or breaks a station. And this could be a very simplistic way of placing the complex 24-hour clockwork of an FM station.”

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