Bangalore malls tune in to Gr8 Music to interact, entertain and increase footfalls

Bangalore malls tune in to Gr8 Music to interact, entertain and increase footfalls

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, Dec 12,2008 6:59 AM

Bangalore malls tune in to Gr8 Music to interact, entertain and increase footfalls

While there is in-store advertising by prominent players like OOH Media or Tag Media, which use the audio-visual medium extensively to reach to consumers at the shop floor, the medium of mall radio is also rapidly making its presence felt in Bangalore. Gr8 Music is the radio station that plays music and has programming line-up to interact with the consumers in the malls, aimed at increasing interactivity and driving consumers to the stores.

Though not yet officially launched, the station is currently playing at five malls in Bangalore and aims to get on air at all the 14 malls in the city. A Mavinkurve, Partner, Gr8 Music, told exchange4media, “We did a lot of research on the viability of such a medium. Mall radio is a popular concept in the US, and we worked in great detail to execute this concept in Bangalore. Initially, we did face hurdles like lack of support and scepticism, but once we started rolling, our work has spoken itself and caught the attention of the people. In fact, today at all the five malls where we play, almost 98 per cent of the mall retailers advertise with us.”

He continued, “Initially people didn’t really know that there was a radio station in the mall and thought it was some CD playing, but slowly with our ‘Live Show’, which runs at malls from 4 pm to 8 pm every day, shoppers got taste of Gr8 Music and what we do. We are like any other radio station as we play music, have a programming line-up, including interaction with listeners, we have RJs and we have advertisers.”

Gr8 Music had to obtain a Public Performance License (PPL), which usually lies with the mall management. They play music keeping in mind its TG like during morning hours music and advertisements are such which target the college goers and in afternoon to target women.

The team consists of 10 RJs, a creative team, which also makes advertisements for retailers who come on board, a programming team, a sales team and a scheduler. All five malls play different kinds of music and programmes keeping in mind the profile of shoppers who visit these malls. The success of the medium is measured by the increase of footfalls.

Currently, the team is working towards increasing its footprints beyond Bangalore and is looking at Chennai and Hyderabad. It has plans to foray countrywide once it plants itself in the South.

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