AROI to create self-regulatory Content Code for private FM radio

AROI to create self-regulatory Content Code for private FM radio

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Oct 01,2007 8:54 AM

AROI to create self-regulatory Content Code for private FM radio

The Association of Radio Operators of India (AROI) has announced the formation of an Advisory Committee for the creation of a self-regulatory content code for private FM radio broadcasting in India. Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City, and President, AROI, informed that this was one of the first steps discussed when the new governing council for the AROI was elected. She said, “As part of that process, one of the committees that we are working on is for a self regulatory code.”

In order to ensure that the collective interests of radio broadcasters in India are adequately represented, AROI’s draft guidelines for the self-regulatory Content Code would be presented to the committee instituted by the I&B Ministry for consideration while formulating the report on the Content Code to the Central Government.

“We have already written to the Ministry in this regard, and they will get back to us on the timelines by when we should submit these draft guidelines. We should be ready with this within the next three to four weeks,” Purohit divulged.

AROI recently concluded its first annual general meeting, which saw the successful completion of elections for the governing board, wherein almost all positions were elected unanimously.

The National Governing Board is spearheaded by Radio City’s Purohit, who has been appointed as the first elected President. The Board also comprises four Senior Vice-Presidents – Tarun Katial, COO, Big FM; Abraham Thomas, CEO, Red FM; Rahul Gupta, Director and Project Head, Jagran Radio; and Prashant Pandey, CEO, ENIL. Uday Chawla, GM Commercial, India Today Group, would serve as the Secretary General to this Board.

An official communiqué stated, “The way forward on the formation of AROI’s Advisory Committee would be discussed as part of the agenda over the next subsequent meetings of AROI’s Governing Board.”

As is known, the I&B Ministry had constituted a committee to review the existing Programme and Advertising Code in October, 2005. This Committee, consisting of representatives of broadcast organisations, civil society groups and consumer forums, compiled a draft Content Code for self-regulation. This Code was made available in the public domain for feedback from various stakeholders and organisations. Broadcasters like Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) and News Broadcasters’ Association (NBA) since then have been engaged in framing a self-regulatory Content Code of their own. This recommended self-regulatory Content Code and grievance redressal mechanism would then be made available to the Ministry for consideration while formulating the report to the Central Government.

AROI is a registered, non-profit, non-governmental society dedicated to protect the common and collective interests of radio broadcasters in India.

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