Adlabs Radio begins the jig with ad guru Dan O’ Day

Adlabs Radio begins the jig with ad guru Dan O’ Day

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Jul 20,2006 5:20 AM

Adlabs Radio begins the jig with ad guru Dan O’ Day

Ad guru Dan O’ Day is here and Adlabs Radio has decided that this is the way the media entity will begin making its mark with the Indian advertising and marketing fraternity. Adlabs Radio is presenting a look into hypnotic advertising, as Dan O’ Day explains ‘How to create maximum impact in broadcast advertising’.

Presenting a broad picture on the thought process that let Day be Adlabs Radio’s first event, Tarun Katial, COO, Adlabs Radio, said, “The radio industry in India is at a very nascent phase, but is poised for exponential growth. Adlabs Radio is one of the biggest players in the radio category. Our initiatives are part of a long-term endeavour to make radio advertising more effective and make it work better for the advertising fraternity. A better working creative will help cut advertising clutter on radio. Besides, commercials are not for all to listen – it is for the targeted listener’s point of view.”

On how the event helped the entity, he explained, “We are offering the benefit of the expertise of Dan O’ Day the guru of hypnotic advertising through a seminar. Such properties are of great benefit to the industry. If the industry has to develop and grow, all players will need to work together to take the industry to the next level. Going with this belief, we are bringing down experts in the field, who come from more mature markets from whose rich experience we all can benefit.”

What else can be expected on these lines from Adlabs Radio? Katial replied, “There are a plethora of similar sessions being explored. Only recently, we had Sylvia Allen, an expert on NTR (Non Traditional Revenue), who addressed the industry on the comparatively new and emerging function. Similarly, we had Keith Pringle, another radio guru, who was brought down to train our personnel and he addressed the industry at the recently concluded Promax seminar.”

“We plan to bring down a stream of similar experts, who are stalwarts in their own right and from whom Adlabs Radio and the industry as a whole can benefit. The effort is to make the business state-of-the-art in processes, practices and the ideas, and thus build a long-term media option,” Katial said.

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