25 years on 1983 cricket World Cup celebrations still continue, this time on FM radio too

25 years on 1983 cricket World Cup celebrations still continue, this time on FM radio too

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Jun 26,2008 8:50 AM

25 years on 1983 cricket World Cup celebrations still continue, this time on FM radio too

After the BCCI, print and television, it is now the turn of FM stations to felicitate the 1983 cricket World Cup champions. Radio One, Radio Mango, My FM and Big FM have come up with various on-air activities aligned to commemorate the Indian cricket team that brought home the World Cup in 1983.

Radio One celebrated the 25th anniversary of India’s cricket World Cup victory in England with a day-long campaign titled ‘Replay 1983’. The station claims to have brought alive the drama of the period, with cricketers from Kapil Dev’s 1983 team reliving moments from the glorious match against West Indies on air. Listeners also got to catch up with interviews of cricketing legends, stars and some old timers as they shared their experiences of the World Cup, all through the day.

Raj Gopal Iyer, Station Head, West, Radio One, said, “Our focus is on providing that instant connect to whatever’s really relevant for our urban audiences. The 1983 cricket win is a historic and unforgettable one that we are delighted to celebrate it in this lighthearted and creative way.”

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of India's 1983 cricket world cup victory, with their show titled ‘1983 Live’, Radio Mango updated their listeners exactly as and when it happened on June 25, 1983, along with facts and trivia related to cricketers and cricket, which included interviews of celebrities analysing the match as they had done 25 years ago.

Arjun Madhusudan, Creative Director, Radio Mango, said, “It was only when ideating for the event that we realised half the current team wasn’t even born then! So, we thought, what better way to showcase the win than to do live updates exactly as it happened.”

Both these FM stations have aired their shows starting June 25, 2008.

My FM, too, celebrated the 1983 World Cup anniversary across all its stations in Jaipur, Nagpur, Indore, Gwalior, Jalandhar.

Shows such as ‘Salaam’ in Jaipur had the FM station speaking to the people of the 1983 World Cup. ‘Salaam’ in Indore aimed to make the people relive ‘those moments’ of 1983, especially for those people who were not even born at that time or were too young to remember, or to those who really wanted to attend the match in London but could not.

Other activities of My FM include sharing the best moments of 1983 World Cup and asking people of their expectations from the current Indian team under MS Dhoni’s captainship as also sharing their views on the golden era of sports.

Big FM spoke to the men who had lived the moment – Krishnamachary Srikanth, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev shared their experiences and emotions pre- and post-victory. The station will be commemorating the victory throughout the week on a daily basis.

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