PRWatch Smile perfect – new biz space for PR & advertising

Smile perfect – new biz space for PR & advertising

Author | Ranjana Gupta | Monday, May 31,2004 7:13 AM

Smile perfect – new biz space for PR & advertising

The adage that beauty lies skin deep seems to have lost its relevance in today’s world. With cosmetic dentists and surgeons promising people a Madhuri smile, an Aishwarya skin or a Urmila figure. Even specialised practitioners are queuing up outside the offices of advertising and PR agencies for promotion of their services.

An industry expert points out that this untapped market of cosmetology offers a business opportunity worth Rs 25-30 crore. As he puts it, the coming three years will see an upswing of around 100 per cent in this business with more and more international cosmetic surgery firms entering into the country.

Ashutosh Khanna, VP, Grey Worldwide, points out that areas like plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, etc have come up recently. “Right now the number of clients is less and advertising medical services requires a thorough understanding of the specialised field. The ethics also need to be fully adhered to when promising consumers perfect smiles or bodies. However, the business opportunity being offered by this field is growing everyday,” asserts Khanna.

Advertising medical cosmetic wonders is a big business in the United States these days. “In India the field is now offering good opportunity to both advertisers and PR agencies. Cosmetic practitioners have started approaching agencies for services like any other product promotion,” says Balbir Kumar, Assistant VP, Lowe.

On one hand, while ad agencies are all set to have a share of the pie, PR agencies on the other hand, have already been successful in getting both national and international clients from the field.

Madhu Chibber, Director, Good Relations, observes increased private sector investment in healthcare has opened up a definite opportunity for PR agencies. “More and more healthcare companies are using PR as a strategic tool to enhance healthcare and brand awareness,” Chibber says.

Kapil Rampal, CEO, Creative Crest, says at present the agency has a good number of clients like RG Stone Urological Research Institute, Banarsi Das Chandiwala Diabetes & Lifestyle institute. Besides this, the agency has also been approached by international clients specialising in mesotherapy. The number of such clients is increasing each day. These offer a business opportunity similar to OTC products, says Rampal.

Supporting the need for ad and PR agencies in cosmetology, leading cosmetic dentist Dr Pankaj Dhawan points out that an awareness need to be created among the masses about beautiful smile like any other business. “The agencies should understand the needs of specialists and present them appropriately before general public,” Dhawan says.

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