PRWatch PR needs to multitask & strategise: Experts

PR needs to multitask & strategise: Experts

Author | Abid Hasan | Saturday, Nov 17,2012 9:49 PM

PR needs to multitask & strategise: Experts

The role and scope of public relations has extended beyond distributing press releases and media relations. According to industry experts, everything in the environment today is PR. And for brands, it is more important than ever to have a well thought out PR strategy in place.

Still there are questions such as – can brand experience be built through public relations, or is it only some last mile communication that marketing folks come up with? According to experts, the simplistic definition of public relations is to do well and getting credit for it.

According to Nikhil Dey of Genesis Burson-Marsteller, “Today, the concern is whether PR professionals are generating original ideas or merely doing press relations. There are three types of PR – paid, owned and earned. There are many things happening in the online space and right now, the earned space is only about money. We are becoming absolutely irrelevant.”

If one has to play this game then the organisations have to reinvent themselves. Dey stressed on coming up with original ideas to stay relevant and impactful.

Looking at the online space, there is a difference in the way PR people are asked to provide content to clients. Gautam Paul, Group Sales Director, PR Newswire, remarked, “One has to make their story absolutely relevant and the client has to be submitted with original ideas. PR’s duty is not to merely organise press conferences and sending out press releases. PR professionals need to do more multitasking and strategising.”

Highlighting some of the key issues facing the PR industry today, Tanmoy Mukherjee, Brand Integration Manager, Lavazza, said, “There are three hardcore issues today – product lifestyle, relevance and value addition. It depends on the lifestyle of the product and at what stage it is while deciding on how the promotion should be done. The communication should be relevant and add value to the product. The bridge should be work in such a manner that it cooperates and can engage people.”

Nikhil Dey, Gautam Paul and Tanmoy Mukherjee were sharing their views on the topic ‘Building brand experience through PR’ at the PRestival 2012 conference, being held in Jaipur on November 16-17.

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