Zee lacks synergy between diversified businesses: AT Kearney

Zee lacks synergy between diversified businesses: AT Kearney

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Zee lacks synergy between diversified businesses: AT Kearney

The group should be re-organised into two overarching business units, content and access. “A major recommendation is that instead of ‘do it all ourselves’ we should leverage our strengths with our internal constituents as well as partner with third parties and create strong alliances,” Chandra’s communication, dated November 24, states.Making it clear that the final AT Kearney recommendations are still awaited, before the whole process is completed for Zee’s management team to take a final decision on the validity and feasibility of the recommendations.

“For synergistic approach within thse two business units (content and access), each will have the common vision of content planning, network planning, co-ordinated national advertising sales, co-ordinated technologies and operations and shared HR, shared functions in acquisition of content or shared project management, etc,” Chandra has conveyed to his colleagues.

The interim organisational recommendations of AT Kearney are:

  • No clear defined roles and responsibilities and authorities.
  • Frequent changes in placement of human resources because of above.
  • Multiple designations and pay packages within the same grade.
  • Organisation lacks synergy between each of the businesses.
  • Leverage the group's combined strength within the group and external resources.
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