Yuva magazine’s new format set to hit newsstands in April

Yuva magazine’s new format set to hit newsstands in April

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Wednesday, Feb 18,2009 7:22 AM

Yuva magazine’s new format set to hit newsstands in April

The new format of Yuva, the youth-centric magazine from E-sense Entertainment Pvt Ltd, is set to be officially launched on April 15. The fortnightly magazine is targeted at the youth in the 18-30 age group. The magazine will have a pan-India presence and would be priced at around Rs 25-30.

The key people involved in this project were Nikhil Ojha, Publisher; Shankar Nikalje, GM & Project Coordinator; Subankar Chakraborty, GM Marketing & Sales; and Madhavi Tripathy, Deputy GM, Marketing & Sales.

Speaking on marketing strategy, Chakraborty said, “Yuva magazine would be supported by a 360-degree marketing approach and thee first campaign for the same would hit the market after March 15.” When asked about advertiser response till now, he said, “It has been a mixed reaction from media planners. Some have encouraged us and liked our product, while some have showed concern about the economic slowdown. All kinds of advertisers – from banking to insurance and so on – can advertise in our magazine.”

Speaking on the competition in the market, Chakraborty said, “So far, there is no such magazine that can compete with Yuva. It is the first magazine catering to the needs of the youth. Yuva explores the interests and passions of the young, besides providing them a platform to voice their issues, their angst, their worries and their questions. This will be a fortnightly magazine that will catch the pulse of India’s huge youth population.”

On initial print run and ad-edit ratio, Nikalje said, “The initial print run would be around 60,000 and would be increased depending on the responses we get from all over India. The ad-edit ratio would 25:75 initially, and would try to increase gradually later on. Each issue of Yuva would contain around 80 to 100 pages.”

Commenting on the business strategy, Nikalje said, “Yuva is our first baby step towards nurturing our incisive vision behalf of E-sense Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Our mission will be to focus on the master brand and corner the mind of our audiences. We will combine the wisdom and virtue to set up E-sense Entertainment as a 360-degree media house. Our facets would be publishing/PR /events. Next could be entering into satellite media, which would include TV channel and radio.” However, Nikalje declined to divulge further details on their television and radio plans, saying everything was still at a planning stage.

Speaking on the future plans, Nikalje said, “Yuva magazine will also have a website very soon, but its launch date has not been finalised yet. We are also planning to launch B2B international titles in future. Right now everything is at a planning stage.”

Giving her views on the new format of Yuva, Tripathy said, “There’s a saying that ‘It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not’. Yuva will drive change and make a difference to our young India.” She further said that Yuva’s only mission would be to connect with the youth of the country. It would encapsulate their dreams and aspirations, their fears, their successes and failures.

The content of Yuva magazine is headed by Managing Editor Diane Karen Pereira, while N Radhakrishnan, who is Editor and Publisher of Mansworld (MW), would also look after the content and guide the whole project.

Speaking on the content of Yuva magazine, Radhakrishnan said, “Content is going to be youth-oriented. The magazine will cover everything such as current affairs, politics, trends, careers, sports, Internet, entertainment, including music, movies, leisure, travel, adventure, food, fitness, gadgets, astrology and fashion, etc. Everything will be covered from the youths’ perspective. The magazine is more of a mass based kind of publication, hence it will be available for everybody, from students to working professionals.”

Pereira added here, “The market has no such magazine that caters to youth’s needs. There are several lifestyle magazines, but there is no such magazine that can raise issues concerning the youth, who can provide the young reader with the information that he or she can use, who can tackle the issues and questions that are on top of the mind of today’s young.”

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