Watch Market Review Group’s luxury and lifestyle magazine ‘HOT’ to hit the stands on March 17

Watch Market Review Group’s luxury and lifestyle magazine ‘HOT’ to hit the stands on March 17

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Monday, Mar 13,2006 8:21 AM

Watch Market Review Group’s luxury and lifestyle magazine ‘HOT’ to hit the stands on March 17

The Watch Market Review Group, one of India’s oldest publication houses, is launching its quarterly magazine, HOT (Hands on Time) on March 17. The magazine is dedicated to the pre-occupations of the rich and the famous and will indulge its readers and expose them to ‘true’ luxury. It will present a bird’s eye view of upbeat style and modern social trends.

Karishma Karer, Editor, HOT, said, “Everything is a luxury, starting with being in the world. These words of Cesare Pavese were a constant inspiration while conceptualising the first-of-its-kind Indian luxury and lifestyle magazine, HOT. Luxury is an extremely personal state of mind – characterised by a wide and diverse spectrum of emotions and attributes. In sync with these trends, ‘Hands on Time’ has donned the mantle of an exclusive and unique offering catering to the burgeoning Indian elite. Since the conceptualisation stage, attempts were made to ensure that ‘Hands on Time’ aspired to adhere to the global yardsticks of luxury rather than the dumbed down Indian versions of luxury and ‘hi-life’. It will transport the readers into a world of fashion, beauty, art, leisure and lifestyle – simply put, the ‘luxist’ way of life.”

Sunil Karer, Publisher, HOT, said, “Positioned as ‘the window to the world of luxury’, ‘Hands on Time’ will help the global luxury marketers get invaluable insights into the mindsets of the luxury connoisseurs in India. It will help the rapidly growing Indian consumers of luxury to keep abreast of the latest luxury objects of desires that are making waves in the rest of the world. It will strive to tread down the middle-path balancing Indian with international content.”

The various sections in HOT will uncover the best deluxe hotels and resorts; five-star cruise liners, spa retreats, mountain hideaways, city luxe-holes; and weekend escapes in India and abroad. It will also feature gourmet cuisine, fine wines, soothing spas and great golf as part of a spectacular collection of the best luxury leisure options.

Other sections will cover the world’s best luxury cars, boats, fashion, watches, jewellery, cosmetics, duty-free and lifestyle choices for the savvy traveller. There is a fashion section eulogising style and panache. HOT will focus on the temples of retail extravagance – globally renowned exclusive boutiques and exquisite salons that exude a sense of royalty and lavishness.

Even the ad rate for the magazine – Rs 1 lakh per full colour page – spells luxury and is a clear indication that it will house only the luxury brands. It is slated to give tough competition to other magazines in the domain such as ‘Hi Blitz’ (from Vijay Mallya) and ‘Beautiful People’.

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