Vaartha to launch editions in Chennai and Bangalore; to go all colour

Vaartha to launch editions in Chennai and Bangalore; to go all colour

Author | Judy Franko | Thursday, Feb 07,2008 6:41 AM

Vaartha to launch editions in Chennai and Bangalore; to go all colour

Vaartha, the most read Andhra daily after Eenadu, is set to roll out editions in Chennai and Bangalore. According to Gaurav Sanghi, Executive Director, AGA Publications Ltd, publisher of Vaartha, these editions would be launched in the next couple of months. AGA Publications is investing close to Rs 100 crore to launch the two new editions, making all its 20 editions all colour, inter alia.

“We feel that presence is more important even if it is not money making. People should benefit from our product. We are also working on boosting the brand image of Vaartha by creating awareness in the northern part of the country. Besides, we are looking at a circulation of 10 lakh copies or more in the next one year and a readership of not less than 1 crore,” Sanghi said.

Vaartha claims to have a circulation of 7.2 lakh copies at present and a readership of more than 71 lakh.

Meanwhile, the Group has just launched an agricultural magazine, which, according to a spokesperson, had been well received. Now the Group is mulling different genres of magazines, wit the immediate priority being a devotional magazine in Telugu.

“Work is also underway on our Telugu business daily. We are looking at some collaboration for content. Talks are underway for that. It is always good to collaborate with people as your work gets more professional,” Sanghi added.

He further said, “We are also going very local. A person residing in some remote village may not be bothered about what is happening in New York or Hong Kong. He will be more bothered about what benefits he is getting and what is happening in his town. We have understood these customers’ needs and are going more local.”

Vaartha is also changing its layout in order to improve the look and feel of the paper and improve the aesthetics. “Vaartha has always been the voice of the people, always told the facts, and we will never change from that, because we feel people have the every right to know the facts as they unfold,” Sanghi said.

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