Titan tops brand recall

Titan tops brand recall

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Titan tops brand recall

According to a survey conducted by Brandquiver on watch market a cross section of 145 respondents across SEC-A and B cities have rated style as a brand parameter for Indian watches and no Indian watch brand comes close to it.

The survey indicates that Titan is way ahead when it comes to top-of-mind recall, with 59 per cent respondents voting in favour of the brand. Casio and Swatch follow at number two and three slots respectively, both brands with 6 per cent top-of-the mind recall.

In terms of buying preferences, only 28 per cent of the respondents considered Titan as their first choice, with Swatch and Omega following at a considerable distance. Timex, too, has a long way to go as only 3 per cent of all respondents rated it as their first choice.

HMT figures almost at the bottom of the brand preference listing, the brand scores highly on awareness. Along with Citizen, HMT enjoys 97 per cent brand awareness. Price sensitivity gets lower preference than watch design, dial and strap. Reliability, brand name, durability and compactness follow in that order. Sporty looking watches figures at the bottom of the list of brand drivers.

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