Time Monitoring develops new-age media software Density

Time Monitoring develops new-age media software Density

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Apr 06,2004 8:06 AM

Time Monitoring develops new-age media software Density

Adhering to the tradition of introducing innovative services to the media fraternity on a periodic basis and keeping pace with the volatile media trends, Time Monitoring has come up with a media implementation and operations software, called, Density.

As per the spokesperson of Time Monitoring Services, "Through Density, we have tried and achieved a milestone by providing a complete solution for media plan implementation and media operations for television. The software begins with creating a plan with a self-strategy and provides inputs to analyse the media plan or the same brand's past campaigns. The deal management module keeps track of all the deal criteria negotiated with the channels."

As he explains, a powerful tool of auto balancing and auto scheduling executes the balance act of demands (defined in the plan with the GRPs to be achieved, reach factor of campaign cycles, selection of channel cluster with specific TG audience, etc) and supply (defined in deal management with negotiated rates, paid FCTs and Bonus FCTs comprising the whole deal.

The final output of this module is an automated 'estimate with spot-wise schedule'. On the operation part, the ROs are generated automatically from the schedule in the customised formats, while, after telecast the schedule spots are automatically reconciled with the monitoring data through the system. The commercial part of generating the outward invoices and processing inward bills are finishing touches of the software. "The entire system provides an automated media plan implementation and media operation through the sequential execution of each implementation stage, without much manual intervention," says the spokesperson.

Encased with three integrated basic modules for planning, operations and post operations, the system offers optimised media plan implementation and media operations solutions. As per claims, the process of data integrity is featured so powerfully that the output of each module automatically flows as the input of the subsequent module without an iota of human intervention. "Periodical updating of mediologist (ad spend data), a part of the system subscription, provides an excellent tool for in-depth analysis of competitor's strategy," he claims.

The software has a periodical updating of Fixed Point Charts (FPC) for most of the channels integrated to the system. Periodical updating of standard rate cards are available with every effective date of channels, buying deals on standard rate cards or negotiated rates based on multiple rate types like programme-wise rate, time band rate, channel rate, package rate, channel family rate, producer rate across all channels.

Some of the advantages, as per the spokesperson, are RO data reconciliation with automatic monitoring of data, completely automated procedures without manual intervention, flexibility to intervene manually wherever required and highly secured and user level right protected features which may be defined by the administrator to restrict unauthorised users from trespassing into the sensitive and confidential data.

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