The youth wants content that is short, crisp, niche: Kartik Iyer

The youth wants content that is short, crisp, niche: Kartik Iyer

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Friday, Jul 13,2012 11:25 PM

The youth wants content that is short, crisp, niche: Kartik Iyer

The Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) in partnership with exchange4media presented the AIM Engagement Survey to media planers and the advertising industry on July 12, 2012 in Bangalore, as part of the three-city tour.

Speaking at the event, Kartik Iyer, Managing Director, Carat India, noted that readership amongst youngsters was on a decline, more so with the growing use of the Internet. Scanning has taken the place of reading, he remarked.

He stressed, “We should start looking at every medium as a whole and as an integrated part of the media industry.”

Iyer further said, “We are in a position where we have to be accountable and it is absolutely important that the data is there and we use the data in a medium that fulfils our objective.”

Stating that the objective of the advertisers is important when they look at a medium to convey the message, Iyer added, “A comparison between two mediums such as newspapers and magazines in terms of reach and numbers should not be the criteria for media planners. It is very crucial to know where a particular brand will have a higher level of engagement. It is the brand which should decide on the medium and media planners should be more focussed on the objective and engaging people.”

He felt that the qualitative aspect and content relevance are the most important points to be considered. The behavioural patterns of consumers have also changed, which has led advertisers to rethink on which medium to select.

According to him, consumers want to read content that is short, crisp and niche. “For consumers, brand faith and trust are the most important points. With the advancement in technology, youth have now taken to scanning as their usual way to read anything. Hence, magazines in that sense serve the brands’ purpose in grabbing the attention of the consumers.”

Iyer concluded by saying that advertising should be a holistic approach and that media planners should get to the medium which will best serve a particular brand in terms of engaging people and not go by just the reach.

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