The Smart Manager goes bimonthly, slashes cover price

The Smart Manager goes bimonthly, slashes cover price

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Nov 11,2004 8:26 AM

The Smart Manager goes bimonthly, slashes cover price

The Smart Manager, a management magazine, has decided to go bimonthly from October 2004. Sharing more on the reasons behind the move, Gita Piramal, Managing Editor, informs that this is a result of an ensured demand and also content supply for the magazine in the market.

Piramal explains that when the magazine was launched, there were no players to give an indication of the demand and supply scenario for the product. Giving a perspective, she says, “The magazine doesn’t have contribution from journalists. It has content written by CEOs or academicians. Some of these articles take up to three years to be written. When I started, it was a white space. As a testing ground I began it as a quarterly.”

She explains that with each year of the magazine, the content supple and the demand for it has increased in the market. “This gave me the confidence to increase the frequency,” adds Piramal.

There are few more changes like the cover price has reduced from Rs 295 to Rs100. Correspondingly the annual subscription rate is now Rs 500 (down from Rs 850). Also the volume of content would be decreased. Throwing more light on this, Piramal expresses, “With the frequency increasing, the same pricing would be exorbitant. But if you see, the discount that we offer on subscription now is lesser than earlier, which means a gain for us. As far as the content is concerned, this is a direct feedback from the readers. They have expressed that they can’t absorb so much in one go.”

What the magazine has in place currently is a mix of theory and practical knowledge due to the nature of the contributors. “75 per cent of our readership is from CEOs,” says Piramal, “When an academician gives an article on JVs, he analyses the operations a number of JVs. When a CEO gives it, he says how he went about doing it. The content in that sense can be quite a lot and we want to give the readers what is convenient for them.”

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