The Hindu Business Line gets mod; re-designed Frontline to be launched on March 2

The Hindu Business Line gets mod; re-designed Frontline to be launched on March 2

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Monday, Feb 27,2006 7:06 AM

The Hindu Business Line gets mod; re-designed Frontline to be launched on March 2

Dr Marcio Garcia’s work on The Hindu group of publications continues. The financial daily from the group, The Hindu Business Line, has been re-launched with a new look from February 24. This follows his work on the group’s flagship English daily, The Hindu, and the sports weekly, Sportstar. Soon to follow is the fortnightly magazine from the group, Frontline, which will be re-launched with a new design on March 2.

Since its launch in 1994, the financial ‘white paper’ has grown to a circulation of 90,603 copies (January to June 2005, Source: ABC). This figure stood at 56,103 in the July to December 2003 period. Since then, two more editions have been launched – one in Tiruchirapalli, and the other in Mumbai.

Speaking to exchange4media, N Murali, JMD, The Hindu, said, “I would say that The Business Line has reached a critical mass now. The tipping point was when we launched the Mumbai edition, in 2003. We now have the width of coverage across the country and are poised to build on that. We will now look to improve further on circulation and leadership in major cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.”

While listing the changes that have been effected, Dr Garcia explained that besides more legible typefaces, briefs on the front page, hierarchical page architecture, Info-boxes, blurbs and strap lines, the publication will also use its site to complement the information in the print edition. Fuller versions of some stories would now be available on the web, and details on these would be made known through the print edition.

Is this a step towards making the publication’s site a pay-site? “We haven’t really taken any steps in that direction. What we have done is more about exploring the synergies between the print and online offerings. Not just in India but even globally, there has not been much success with pay sites offering hard news,” explained Murali.

More photographs, graphics and illustrations will be found in the new Business Line. The weekly supplement Catalyst has been re-christened BrandLine, and will now stay ‘sharply focused’ on branding, advertising and marketing. A new section, called ‘The New Manager’, has been introduced on Mondays, and is meant for executives (and aspiring executives) on survival in the competitive market.

On the option of offering region-specific supplements with the main paper, Murali said, “Business coverage in general is not very region specific. Localising or zoning does not really apply. We do cover all major business news stories and have a section in each edition dedicated for business news from the region.”

The publication claims a readership of 2.05 lakh (NRS), and is looking to increase its reach further with the revamp. On the circulation front, the figures were at 66,478 (January to June 2004), 76,339 (July-December 2004) and more recently 90,603, indicating a steady climb. Business Standard, during the same periods, had circulation figures of 65,052 (January-June 2004), 69,782 (July-December 2004) and 80,454 (January-June 2005) (All circulation figures sourced from ABC).

Meanwhile, Business Standard launched its 10th print site in Cochin on February 23. In the last six months, the publication had added Pune and Chandigarh to its list of print sites.

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