The Eveninger launched in Delhi

The Eveninger launched in Delhi

Author | Shree Lahiri | Wednesday, Jan 04,2012 8:08 AM

The Eveninger launched in Delhi

The last weekend of 2011 saw a new tabloid being launched in the city, namely The Eveninger. As Sanjiv Agarwal, Publisher and Editor put it, “We wanted it to be a weekend tabloid.”

Talking about the background, he told exchange4media that, “We had been maintaining a website called, which was giving information.” He went on to explain the analysis that led to the launch of the tabloid. “Now information is freely available. Now is the age of unlimited source of information. Less could be more! People don’t have the time to look through all the publications. What we do is give reports in brief, as a source of information to young people and others who are not following news.”

The tabloid covers international news spanning Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East, nationals – north, east, south, and west. It also covers entertainment, business, travel, fashion, technology, health, gossip, reviews, pubs & clubs, sex and society.

In his words, they thought “can we democratise a kind of ‘clipping service’ customised for some individuals?” They believed that there are a lot of people who need this; there’s “less time and more information”. In fact, the concept of a ‘clipping service’ was at the back of his mind, which he had seen when he was younger, “that was available for bosses.”

And, interestingly it’s in a tabloid format. Sanjiv’s explanation for that is, “It’s in that format, because basically, we are trying to reach out to a young target audience. The tabloid is the packaging, which is convenient and close to our heart.”

The essence, as Sanjiv puts it is that you get hard news, light news, events, “which deceptively looks like Pg 3, but we have pushed the envelope.”

It’s not just local news, but global news also that you get here. “We’re hyper global,” Sanjiv pointed out and went on to say, “We believe every Indian reading English should be interested in global news. We go continent by continent.” There’s a page for every region.
The team on board consists of 30 odd members. This tabloid is a weekly and the cover price is Rs 20.


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