Surviving in a 360-degree media world

Surviving in a 360-degree media world

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Oct 12,2011 8:33 AM

Surviving in a 360-degree media world

Industry experts examined the way international publishers are handling the new complexity of brand management across multi-platforms and multi-territories at the 38th FIPP World Magazine Congress. The session on ‘The future of international magazine brands in a 360 degree media world’ was moderated by Barry Mcllheney, CEO, PPA, UK.

Torsten klein, President & CEO, Hearst International, USA, remarked that as they made money from print (medium), their clear focus continued to be that. “However, along with this we keep on focusing on various new revenue streams. And, going ahead, Tablet can be a good example of new revenue stream,” added Klein. As he seems to be very clear on their brand objective, Klein said, “We want to deliver quality content to readers, irrespective of any medium.”

Further, he cautioned, “Along with other global brands, we should focus more on local brands which are not internationalised.”

Roberto Briglia, Chief Content Manager & GM of International Activities, Mondadori, Italy, believed that publishers need to understand that the base of magazine business remains Print. He added, “We need to be innovative on this platform, and keep in mind that the content should be based on consumer experience, and it should not be authoritative atall.” However, he also believed that digital development is important, and future revenue will be generated from this.

Briglia sees BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations as future markets for magazine industry. “And in long term, North Africa has great potential,” he added.

On the lines with other speakers, Duncan Edwards, President, Gruner+Jahr, Germany, says, “We do everything including e-commerce, events, etc., but magazine is where we make large part of money from. On digital, while cost has been higher, revenue was lower. However, going forward, we are excited about Tablet market.”

While concluding, Klein had an advice to the fellow publishers - “We should not do same mistake of giving away content for free again.”

Prior to the above assembly, during the breakout sessions, Glenn Hansen, President & CEO, BPA Worldwide, USA and Ambika Srivastava, Chairperson, VivaKi Media Exchange, ZO India, delved upon the subject titled ‘How to measure multi-platform brand reach’.

Giving her presentation on ‘audience metrics’, Srivastava emphasised on the need to create brand experience. “How do we make a medium more attractive is not an issue, the core concern should be how to make an experience better,” added she.

Meanwhile, Hansen, reminded publishers that conversation should be about brand, and not about (magazine) titles. Answering a question from the audience, Hansen noted that they, apart from measuring other medium, also track magazines available on mobile.

The first day of the conference was ended with some power packed sessions on various concerning issues for magazine industry, followed by a cocktail reception.

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