Sun Group launches women’s mag ‘Kungumam Thozhi’

Sun Group launches women’s mag ‘Kungumam Thozhi’

Author | Priyanka Nair | Friday, Mar 02,2012 10:18 AM

Sun Group launches women’s mag ‘Kungumam Thozhi’

With International Woman’s Day around the corner, Sun Group has launhed ‘Kungumam Thozhi’, a monthly women’s magazine. Kungumam Thozhi, which has hit newsstands across Tamil Nadu, is published by the 35-year old Kungumam Publications Pvt Ltd.

Tamil Nadu already has a bunch of women-centric magazines like ‘Ananda Vikatan’, ‘Aval Vikatan’, ‘Kumudam’ and few others. However, M Natesan, General Manager - Advertising, Kungumam Publications strongly maintained that ‘Kungumam Thozhi’ would be one of the most enriching reads for readers.

The 96-page magazine has been launched under the editorial guidance of JM Vallidasan. An additional 32 pages supplement will be a dedicated, innovative cooking supplementary with every edition. Apart from the regular content, ‘Kungumam Thozhi’ will be a multi-faceted product and at the same time fun filled magazine, comprising technical job assistance for women on how to earn money staying at home.

Commenting on the marketing initiatives, Natesan said, “We will be heavily promoting through TV, radio, print, on ground events and through sampling. We have launched ‘Kungumam Thozhi’ as a monthly product, but we will soon publish it as a fortnightly. We are confident of becoming the largest selling women magazine in Tamil Nadu by the end of the year. ‘Kungumam Thozhi’ will be very persuasive and the content will do the work of grabbing eyeballs.”

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