Spenta Multimedia launches consumer jewellery magazine, ‘Adorn’

Spenta Multimedia launches consumer jewellery magazine, ‘Adorn’

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Aug 18,2010 8:40 AM

Spenta Multimedia launches consumer jewellery magazine, ‘Adorn’

Spenta Multimedia is all set to launch a luxury jewellery magazine, ‘Adorn’, on August 19, 2010. The bi-monthly magazine has been priced at Rs 100 and will have anything between 112 and 128 pages per issue. ‘Adorn’ is targeted at individuals who are established in the gems and jewellery business as well as aspiring consumers of high-end and high fashion products.

Maneck Davar is the Editor and Publisher of the magazine. The magazine will be launched in all the major cities of India.

Commenting on the expanded scope of Spenta Multimedia’s publishing and event business, Maneck Davar, Proprietor, Spenta Multimedia, said, “India has an ancient tradition of jewellery and gemstones, being the home of the famed Kohinoor. Its maharajas and royalty were renowned for their collection of jewellery, and international jewellers made pilgrimages to the courts of Indian royalty. It is a travesty that with such a history of the finest in craftsmanship, India did not have a publication to continuously chronicle and record its jewellery design capabilities. ‘Adorn’ seeks to rectify this lacuna.”

With exciting content and rich visuals, ‘Adorn’ will feature the latest high quality offerings from manufacturers and retailers. The magazine is edited, designed and produced by the core team that brings out ‘Solitaire International’, India’s premier B2B jewellery magazine for the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

Davar further said that ‘Adorn’ was being conceptualised and launched at a time when Indian diamantaires had realised in the wake of the global meltdown that they could no longer rely on exports to mature markets like the US, Europe and Japan, and were exploring opportunities in the domestic retail. “‘Adorn’ seeks to expand the upper end of the domestic market by being a high visual jewellery design magazine with superior production values,” he added.

Spenta Multimedia is a custom publisher, providing complete solutions in offline and online publishing with a fully integrated infrastructure, including a state-of-the-art printing facility. Spenta’s portfolio includes 32 custom and six consumer titles (including ‘Adorn’); three event properties; over 80 clients for web based/ enabled publishing solutions; and a list of clients for content services and book publishing. Spenta publishes magazines across the genres of travel, retail, lifestyle, beauty, finance and management, and has grown into the position of India’s leading custom publisher.

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