Segmentation, immediacy and innovation imperative to build brands

Segmentation, immediacy and innovation imperative to build brands

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jul 30,2005 8:12 AM

Segmentation, immediacy and innovation imperative to build brands

In a cluttered media environment, where newspapers, radio channels and television receive much attention, not much thought is given to magazines. In order to highlight the power of magazines and the challenges that the industry faces in today’s world, the Indian Newspaper Society organised the Indian Magazine Summit in the Capital on July 29.

The summit, which started in the morning, continued till late in the evening, providing very insightful issues that are relevant to our magazine industry today.

The issue of how an advertiser uses the medium of magazines to build a brand was touched upon in the session ‘Brand building using magazines – An advertiser perspective’.

The session, which kicked off in the second half of the day, had in its panel Atul Takle, Marketing Director, India, Accenture; Hemant Sachdev, Director, Corporate Marketing, Bharti Group; Lloyd Mathais, Executive VP, Marketing, PepsiCo, India; and Gulraj Bhatia, Country Marketing Head, Hewlett Packard. Rajeev Karwal, former CEO, Electrolux India, moderated the session.

Hemant Sachdev highlighted segmentation, intimacy, and innovation as the three important benefits that magazines provided for brand building. He said that advertisers should always keep in mind their core strengths. According to him, magazines must change and evolve, and gave a word of advice to the advertisers by saying, “Please don’t lose your core intrinsic strengths.”

Atul Takle, while citing the example of his own company, Accenture, said, “It is important to look at product category, which is being represented.” He enumerated the importance of messaging, product category, and immediacy. “In the Indian context, I think each magazine needs to segment itself without losing its intrinsic strength,” he stressed.

Like Sachdev, PepsiCo’s Mathais too laid emphasis on the possibility of segmentation and underlined the need for magazines to innovate themselves.

Takle further said that concerted effort was required when asked by the audience for not spending enough time to market a magazine. On the other hand, Sachdev laid stress on intensity, which was required to make magazines more effective. Mathais explained the same by saying that “The idea is to move beyond innovation and keep pace with the marketers.”

On a question regarding that attributes that magazines lacked, Sachdev said, “The challenge is to make the value ad visible.”

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