Sansui all set to capture rural market

Sansui all set to capture rural market

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Sansui all set to capture rural market

Sansui Ltd plans to penetrate the rural markets with a huge promotional campaign. The move has been undertaken mainly to achieve an overall sales target of 4.72 lakh units of Sansui CTVs by the end of 2001.The company is spending Rs 40 crore on advertising campaigns for the products by the end of 2002.

As part of the rural campaign, the company plans to launch 200 mobile buses by the end of 2001, at an investment of Rs 10 lakh for each bus. The bus will travel across small towns and cater to a population of 50,000 where there are no dealer outlets. The person-who intends to buy Sansui CTVs through the campaign-will have to go to the nearest market. The bus will visit places and give demonstration about the entire range of Sansui CTVs and VCD player. There will be a representative of a local co-operative bank who will sanction the loan for those interested in buying Sansui products, after verifying the person's documents.

Sansui has already launched a mobile bus in Raigad district in Maharashtra this month named "Sansui Express". For the convenience of the consumer, the slogans are expressed in marathi as "Sansui TV Express sarvottam ali tumcha kade". The company is beginning with a mass-contact dealers programme wherein the company would propose a scheme to the dealers at a one-day dealers' conference.

The company intends to launch additional 300 buses by the end of 2002. In the 5.1-million CTV market, Sansui has a marketshare of 5.1 per cent. The company estimates to sell 4.72 lakh CTV units in 2001. The company expects to sell 90,000 units of 14-inch CTVs, 3 lakh units of 20-inch and 21-inch, 12,000 units of 25-inch CTV and 10,000 units of 29-inch CTVs.

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