Salaam Mumbai hits the stands in a new avatar

Salaam Mumbai hits the stands in a new avatar

Author | Ritu Midha | Friday, Jan 09,2004 7:55 AM

Salaam Mumbai hits the stands in a new avatar

City guide Salaam Mumbai is gone. In its place arrives Salaam Mumbai the magazine. The first issue of the bi-monthly mag is available on stands at a cover price of Rs 50.

How would the magazine be different from other city centric publications? Anish Trivedi, Editor, Salaam Mumbai, states, “Unlike other magazines, Salaam Mumbai’s focus is clearly Mumbai, and the things that affect or enhance the Mumbaikar’s life. We focus on finding things that make this city unique, and presenting these to local residents, and to visitors. Salaam Mumbai is also a complete guide to Mumbai, from entertainment, art and culture, to food, fashion and shopping. And unlike the city’s local newspapers which are discarded the next morning, we provide this in a format that allows readers to retain each volume as a reference guide.”

And whom would it be targeted at? Replies Trivedi, “Content is created keeping two types of readers in mind. The citizens of Mumbai, and the visitor to our city. We are the complete guide to what’s happening here, and we believe both types of readers will benefit immensely from our content.”

Mediascope Integrated publishes salaam Mumbai. It is Mediascope’s very own magazine and not a contract publication like a few others handled by Mediascope. Some of its celebrity writers are Sujata Assomull (Fashion), Rahul da Cunha (Entertainment), Karen Anand (Cuisine), Anotinne Lewis (Cuisine), Shubra Mazumdar (Culture) and Dinesh Rajeha (Films).

Marzban Patel, Managing Director, Mediascope explains the reason behind the launch of the magazine at length, “Salaam Mumbai plugs the need-gap of multi-faceted individuals by giving them a unique perspective of the city. The magazine reassures the true blue Mumbaikar that there is a great life waiting to be lived after the hurly burly of a days work. It is a reassuring chronicle for the professionals who live and look beyond 9 to 5 routines – that life and living in this city is worth it after all. Salaam Mumbai reaffirms the ‘feel great value’ that the city has to offer. It is Mumbai city’s reload on fun, entertainment and lifestyle”.

What are the expectations from the marketing perspective? Patel says, “Salaam Mumbai has consistently received positive advertiser response and with all the new buzz, its pages will deliver, it will reach more and more of Mumbai cities drivers making it an interesting buy for several marketers who consider this city as an important market.”

But what about the ad rates? Is it priced in sync with other city magazines? States Patel, “Salaam Mumbai is targeted at that kind of person, whom we believe, consumer brands and services are wooing very hard. The magazine reflects an environment which today’s professional is very comfortable with - which mirrors his or her lifestyle in some cases and for others it is their aspiration to live high profile and demanding lifestyles. Quite naturally, the rates reflect this quality of readership.”

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