Sakal attempts to reinvent the Yellow Pages concept with A2Z

Sakal attempts to reinvent the Yellow Pages concept with A2Z

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, Sep 07,2005 8:58 AM

Sakal attempts to reinvent the Yellow Pages concept with A2Z

The Sakal Group is launching A2Z, the new age Yellow Pages, on Wednesday. The eight-page tabloid will be distributed free of cost every Wednesday with Sakal Pune edition and The Maharashtra Herald in Pune.

A2Z, as the name signifies, will include all the categories that are doing business and providing products and services to its target audience. “A2Z will primarily carry advertising content from clients who wish to sell their products and services to people in Pune,” said Shailesh Amonkar, Head of Marketing, Sakal Group.

Elucidating the reason for coming up with this new concept, Amonkar said, “Today our business environment is so vibrant that it is extremely difficult to plan offers and promotions at the beginning of the year. So, most of the advertising that happens in te Yellow Pages directory is just a listing with name and address of the product or service that the client wishes to sell. In A2Z, because of the vibrancy of the medium, a client can have different promotions and offers and change these with every issue depending on the market and competitive situation.”

Elaborating on the reason for distributing the same only in Pune, Amonkar said, “Sakal Pune is the largest and most reputed newspaper in Pune. We are the largest selling newspaper both in terms of circulation as well as readership. We have currently decided to launch the same in Pune and then extend it to other markets we are operating in.”

Citing its benefits for small advertisers, Amonkar maintained, “It’s a large leap for media since this opens a world of opportunity in terms of bringing in a new segment of small advertisers who have stayed off mainline dailies. For the smaller firms, SME segment this is a golden opportunity to use a creative well presented medium at costs lower than even traditional yellow pages.”

As far as the marketing strategies around A2Z is concerned, Amonkar said, “In addition to normal print and outdoor campaigns, we have planned a lot of contests and interactivity around the brand. We will have a daily contest running in the main Sakal and Maharashtra Herald about A2Z. This will ensure reader involvement with A2Z and ensure that our advertisers get enhanced response.”

A2Z would have a print order of 400,000 plus, Amonkar further said.

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