SaharaOne Motion Pictures opts for a game of chance for ‘Malamaal Weekly’

SaharaOne Motion Pictures opts for a game of chance for ‘Malamaal Weekly’

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Monday, Feb 20,2006 8:17 AM

SaharaOne Motion Pictures opts for a game of chance for ‘Malamaal Weekly’

Films marketed like any other product or services can attract a decent footfall and viewership, and there are several examples in Bollywood to prove this. One of the most notable in recent times is ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’, where the aggressive marketing of the film and various tie-ups drove a large audience.

Different ways and means are tried to promote film offerings, considering the unique selling propositions of the film’s storyline or its cast and crew, different aspects are leveraged to reach out to filmgoers. In some cases, the mega stars have been used for making public appearances. In other cases, controversies have been created around the time of the release in order to evoke people’s curiosity. In still other cases, special merchandise pertaining to the film has been launched in order to publicise the film.

A unique invite was sent across to a section of media and celebrities for the yet to be released SaharaOne Motion Pictures film ‘Malamaal Weekly’, which is based on the theme of lottery, generating the right amount of curiosity about the movie as well as the release of the film’s audio cassettes and CDs. Guests and delegates were given invitations in such a way as if they were playing a game of lottery. The lottery invitations urged them to play and also assured of prizes.

Director Priyadarshan, who is noted for his comedy capers, claimed that this was the first instance of lottery being used for promotion of a film. It is also believed that the experiment will pave the way for increasing and improving the social acceptance of lottery in the country. Spice Marketing, which is involved in marketing of ‘Malamaal Weekly’, has been instrumental in conjuring up this innovative method.

Preeti Sahani, Head of the Communications Department, SaharaOne Motion Pictures, said, “This is a two-pronged initiative where we tried to leverage the essence of the film, which is lottery, and the strategy is in sync with the film’s message that everyone and anyone can win a lottery. This new theme will be mentioned in the posters of the film, which will be seen in single screens as well as multiplexes across the country.” The film has been made at a budget of Rs 7 crore, 20 per cent of which will be spent on marketing and communications.

It is learnt that the marketing team of the movie is in the process of giving final touches to the strategy of attracting the attention of filmgoers with the help of lottery. For this, 400 lottery tickets will be issued to cine goers and one lucky winner will get a chance to win a prize amount of Rs 1.25 lakh. It is not clear as yet whether the brand marketing team of the film will issue this special lottery or whether it will tie up with some lottery company to issue the special lottery tickets.

It is also understood that the film’s brand marketing team is searching for a lottery brand or company, which is willing to partner with it for issuing the special lottery. If the marketing team doesn’t find the lottery brand or company, then the alternate plan is to forge a tie-up with the Sony TV game show, ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ or Zee TV’s ‘Kam Ya Zyaada’.

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