Reporter’s Diary: The number-crunching part in IRS

Reporter’s Diary: The number-crunching part in IRS

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Jul 02,2011 8:34 AM

Reporter’s Diary: The number-crunching part in IRS

Exactly a week ago when I was writing Reporter’s Dairy, I had just taken a bird’s eye view of the Indian Readership Survey numbers. And as we decided to compare the latest quarter’s numbers with the corresponding period last year, I was expecting some interesting trends to emerge… and they did.

Looking at data for Delhi and NCR market, one can clearly see how numbers for English dailies has declined. An indication for English daily publishers to go beyond the ordinary as their readers are turning towards other medium for news, views and analysis. It is also a message to the advertisers who look at these newspapers as high ROI source.

Interestingly, English newspapers have seen rapid growth in the Hindi heartland, which also reflects the fact how English as a language is creating a different space in the small towns. Media planners can definitely take notice of this fact and should look at the small scale advertisers in these small places.

Magazine publishers can heave a sigh of relief as the IRS data show positive trends for monthly magazines. In places like Goa, magazines targeted at niche readers have performed well.

Hindi publications have seen growth in most of the states. However, in Chhattisgarh, where despite several Hindi newspapers being on expansion mode, there is a de-growth trend seen. The performance of English dailies though has been good in Chhattisgarh. This apart, the fall in average issue readership in the East and North East regions has also come as a surprise.

While only four Urdu dailies are being surveyed by the IRS, I wonder why no Urdu daily from Jammu and Kashmir was part of the Survey. Trends have been positive for Urdu dailies in states like Andhra Pradesh, and J&K might have seen similar trends.

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