Reporter’s Diary: Sleepless in Delhi & Mumbai, but mission accomplished

Reporter’s Diary: Sleepless in Delhi & Mumbai, but mission accomplished

Author | Akash Raha | Saturday, Sep 11,2010 7:41 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Sleepless in Delhi & Mumbai, but mission accomplished

Reporter’s Diary, my first one and as ironic as it sounds, I still have a deadline for it… So, I begin by asking the rhetoric question — what is Reporter’s Diary? I feel it is a little scope for a journalist to give vent to his frustration, his anger, and moreover to rant his heart out.

So I start, by the telltale of the last few weeks, which to say the least, have been exhaustive. The last three weeks of my life has been a roller coaster, and I still don’t remember what struck me. Every morning has been a perpetual déjà-vu. Waking up by the clock each morning or at times not waking up at all (to my Editors’ disdain). It all started one zany morning when I heard the musical words ‘IRS’. Since then life hasn’t been the same. Our IRS team filed over 50 stories in merely four days, giving a comprehensive coverage of IRS, when others were still waking up from their morning sleep — sans food, sans water, sans sleep… Sigh! At this moment I will take the opportunity of congratulating the team and also letting the industry know that at exchange4media, we have one of the finest teams the industry has seen.

I hoped the next week would be easier ¬— but as a good old man had one said “Hope is the quintessential delusion of human kind”. Being a journalist, you will indeed be deluding yourself if you have a semblance of hope of pristine peace and ease.

And then came the Indian Magazine Congress which was held in Mumbai. What followed was a long list of interviews, coverage and interaction with the smartest, sharpest and few of the most solipsistic members of the media world. Took a late night flight, prepared for the day to come… By the time I crashed in my bed my phone said ‘Time left until alarm: o4 hours’.

Mumbai welcomed me with a fresh spatter of rain, as my cab driver took me through a never ending journey to the venue of IMC 2010. Vehement discussions, enthralling deliberations were the order of the day at the IMC 2010. But the icing of the cake was to meet who-is-who of the industry. Most were down to earth, polite and were ready to help in all ways possible. The conference was an intellectual appetizer, and here’s waiting for the main-course, World Magazine Congress to be held in New Delhi in 2011.

The ‘A+’ on my paper in IMC was a compliment from a lady that went “Out of all the correspondents I have met today, you were the probably the best. You did your research well. Inform your editor I said this”. As hard as it was, my feet are still firmly grounded and set for the “miles before I go to sleep”. All said and done, as ironic as it sounds, I still love my job. After all this ranting, I feel much better. I think I am ready for another round of scuttle.

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