Reporter’s Diary: Back on the IRS trail again…

Reporter’s Diary: Back on the IRS trail again…

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Oct 01,2011 8:50 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Back on the IRS trail again…

As I sit to write my Reporter’s Diary, MRUC and Hansa Research have released the 2011 Q2 results of the Indian Readership Survey. With this, we have the last six months’ data of this year in our hand to analyse. While a cursory glance of the data shows no change in the rankings of topline publications, it will be interesting to see how the metros of the country have performed in the last quarter given that the Q1 results had shown negative readership trends in the Delhi market for the English dailies genre.

However, an interesting trend that is noticed in the latest quarter of IRS is that Rajasthan Patrika, Punjab Kesari and NaiDunia have seen decline in their average issue readerships (AIRs) as compared to the last quarter. However, going further, we still need to dig deep into the data to get more interesting trends that can help advertisers and publications to understand consumer behaviour better.

IRS results had shown some interesting trends last quarter as magazines of specific domains and for specific periodicals had registered hike in readership numbers. This time too magazines are likely to show better results.

With exchange4media all set to bring more comprehensive analysis of the IRS 2011 Q2 data over the coming days, we will see a clearer picture emerge and more interesting trends to mull over. Do keep watching this space…

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